• 3, Jul 2015 - Columns

    A Fine Balance

    The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

    I was nine when I discovered the wondrous world of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. It was 1995; my family had immigrated to Canada a few years prior and, hoping for some extra income, they’d agreed to host a couple of international students on exchange from ...

  • 3, Jul 2015 - Art & Design

    Marianne Beck

    No need for complications.

    It's hard to believe that this isn't really a pre-planned project. I found her Serendipity Graphic World site, a platform which is dedicated to Marianne Beck’s “self-initiated projects, happy accidents, unexpected discoveries, projects of pure decoration, forg...

  • 3, Jul 2015 - Art & Design

    Sarah Harvey’s Drawings

    The drifting scenes appear real and fake at the same time.

    The same sea could appear so different throughout the day, appearing fresh during daytime and dark at night. Its ability to distort and transform is probably the way most people wish to live their lives, since the action of concealing and exposing is therefore...

  • 3, Jul 2015 - Art & Design

    Structure, Sign & Clay

    Agateware-inspired ceramics.

    The cracks on the surface of clay are taken as a fault by some yet not by others. These interwoven textures created by time appear to be exclaiming the loss of days, where each crisply cracked edge is the evidential result of being dropped by a name now alread...

  • 3, Jul 2015 - Art & Design

    A Trip to Cuba with Steffy by Quentin de Briey

    A document of the photographer’s travels.

    Cuba has always possessed a certain mystique for me. The movies I watched as a child portrayed the country as a sun-bathed land of cigars, rum and beautiful women, and Ernest Hemingway’s accounts of his years there have always been a source of inspiration. Mor...

  • 2, Jul 2015 - Art & Design

    The Bowls Project

    Loewe unravels the facets of leather.

    These stumped cones stand proudly on their own, slicing through the air with their thick fine edges, so unbelievably smooth that they look like they were drawn out with after effects, forming a perfect gap in between the interior and the exterior of the refine...

  • 2, Jul 2015 - Culture

    Christoph Niemann’s Studio

    Fvf visits the iconic German illustrator.

    Berlin-based Christoph Niemann is one of the most accomplished illustrators working today, as well as an cartoonist we’ve profiled here several times before. The iconic German artist is astoundingly prolific and is responsible for more than a dozen and a half ...

  • 30, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    Fasted by Studio Dessuant Bone

    An impractically beautiful collection.

    Tools are produced to resolve problems, to improve life. Yet, what if they are stripped from their practical usage, does that therefore mean they are completely worthless? Or should we say that the love we have for tools can in fact go beyond their original us...

  • 30, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    See Do-Ho Suh’s Perfect Home

    Perfectly accurate fabric structures.

    As a kid, I was obsessed with LEGO. The popular toy bricks were my main creative outlet for many years and my imagination often ran wild with visions of fantastic landscapes, buildings and stories. But once in a while, I would try to recreate or copy the thing...

  • 29, Jun 2015 - Art & Design


    Rearrangeable glass art.

    The sun comes up; the sun goes down. The sky turns blue, then red and sometimes dark. Nature motions on its own dial, and we can never stop it. We can only see it and recall it in our memories. The shades of tree leaves, hillsides, rivers and lakes, we can see...

  • 29, Jun 2015 - Tech

    Retro Gadgets by Love Hultén

    Nostalgic visions of technology.

    The topic of obsolete technology is a fascinating one, and a subject we’ve covered here several times before. Jim Golden’s Relics of Technology, in particular, stands out to me with its neatly-ordered images of items like dial-up telephones, slide projectors a...

  • 29, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    Idiot Box by Donna Stevens

    Dilemma of our dependency on technology.

    What do you remember the most from your childhood? I remember the sounds of the morning news before I went to school, the educational programs on TV when I returned home from school, and how I always tried to sit right in front of the television as the family ...

  • 26, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    Emanuele Kabu

    Animated video for Upward Mobility

    Watching the music video for the song “Upward Mobility” by The Helio Sequence is like the experience of trying to reach for the illusionistic pieces that seem to be flying out from the screen of a 3D movie. You can never touch it, but it fills your senses so m...

  • 26, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts

    Surveying the history of graphic design.

    Graphic design is everywhere and it’s become almost indispensable to businesses and creatives alike. Yet, the field’s top designers and firms tend to go unnoticed, which is a fact that author Caroline Roberts recognizes in her new book Graphic Design Visionari...

  • 26, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

    Species in Pieces

    A virtual exhibition of endangered animals.

    One exhibition, thirty different endangered species, with no haunting specimen but rather a display consisting of dazzling and brilliant colors.Produced by designer Bryan James, the website “Species in Pieces” is a form of virtual exhibition which uses the CSS...





2, Jul 2015 - Culture

Christoph Niemann’s Studio

Fvf visits the iconic German illustrator.

22, Jun 2015 - Culture

Life’s Work

Six conversations with Nova Scotian makers.

18, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

Taking Perspective away

Painting and Photography exhibition by David Hockney.

23, Jun 2015 - Culture

Yener Torun

A fairytale-like Istanbul.

23, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

Thread Painting

By Stephanie K. Clark.

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Dieter Rams and the Relevance of Functionalism

An in-depth look at the iconic industrial designer.

26, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts

Surveying the history of graphic design.

29, Jun 2015 - Art & Design

Idiot Box by
Donna Stevens

Dilemma of our dependency on technology.

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