• 1, Aug 2014 - Stories

    Five Things

    #005: Memories Dripping from the Sand

    Whenever I was found eating too slow at the dining table during the times of my childhood, my family would put an hourglass in front of me and tell me to finish dinner by the time the sand stopped dripping. What they didn’t realize was, watching sand flow thro...

  • 1, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

    Umbra Shift

    rethink; recall; remember.

    Over 30 years ago, when graphic designer Paul Rowan couldn’t find a nice window shade for his apartment, he decided to make his own in the home of his childhood friend, Les Mandelbaum. The design store Umbra, meaning shade in Latin, was born at the time they s...

  • 31, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

    The Story of Braun & Dieter Rams

    Less is more.

    Being in charge of Braun's product design for 30 years, Creative Director Dieter Rams has established classics in the field of industrial design during the past half a century. His design philosophy “Less, is more.” simplifies the complex with 10 golden princi...

  • 31, Jul 2014 - Fashion

    BAG ‘N’ NOUN

    Perfect companion for your casual lifestyle.

    We’re a big fan of the timeless canvas tote bag due to the simple design as well as its versatile material. A perfect holdall for all your belongings. A bag that’ll conform to your casual lifestyle without the need to care too much about its durability.BAG ‘N’...

  • 31, Jul 2014 - Culture

    Makoto Azuma’s Exobiotanica Project

    The Japanese artist sends plants into space.

    Working with a team of ten, the 38-year-old artist recently sent plants like Japanese white pine bonsai and flower arrangements into space by attaching them to giant helium balloons capable of rising to 91,800 feet before bursting.

  • 31, Jul 2014 - Lifestyle

    Labour and Wait

    A simple, honest approach to design.

    Today, its collection of everyday classics spans the spectrum from hardware to clothing, with most of the products sourced from specialist makers from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in the traditional way and to their original designs.

  • 30, Jul 2014 - Tech


    The world’s first family robot.

    With its white and rounded minimal aesthetics, while there is no imitation of the human form, it brings an abstract and sci-fi touch to the design. Covering its "face" is a rounded touchscreen display in black glass, which resembles the character Eve in Pixar'...

  • 30, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

    2014 Serpentine Pavillion Film for COS

    A short, but beautiful tribute to Smiljan Radić’s creation.

    A semi-translucent, cylindrical structure that resembles a shell and rests on large quarry stones, Radićm’s whimsical creation is a flexible, multi-purpose social space that houses a café and was intended to encourage visitor interaction throughout its four-mo...

  • 29, Jul 2014 - Lifestyle

    Aesop Marrakech Intense

    A sophisticated reinterpretation of the 2005 original.

    A raw and unorthodox unisex scent, Intense was created in collaboration with perfumer, Barnabé Fillion, and is a woody oriental blend characterized by notes of Egyptian jasmine, bergamot and neroli.

  • 29, Jul 2014 - Fashion

    MOHEDA Swedish Clogs

    Five generations of clog making.

    I’m a big believer in the impact nature can have on creative work, as the end result is always the sum of one’s influences. Småland, meaning small town, is a province in the southern part of Sweden – an area that has an abundance of natural resources such as l...

  • 28, Jul 2014 - Tech

    Miniot case for Leica T

    Adding a natural feel and a grand style to your Leica T.

    With a similar concept as the casing of Leica T carved out of a single piece of aluminum, the Miniot case is carved out of a single block of the finest wood by newly developed techniques, which make it light, thin and sturdy. Tightly modeled around its contour...

  • 28, Jul 2014 - Culture

    Zioxla’s Strange Plants

    A celebration of plants in contemporary art.

    The beautifully put together book features the work of 25 artists -- from “oozing paintings of rotting cacti to eerie, mesmeric photos of the leafy kudzu vine” -- and continues a recent tradition of creative, well-designed botanical content epitomized by the ...

  • 28, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

    The Multimedia Art of Rafaël Rozendaal

    Creating webpages as his art works.

    If the world of art is a forest, then its multimedia strand is a new stretch of the ever expanding woodland. A form that has been growing rapidly in the last twenty years.New York-based Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal picked up drawing and painting at a young ag...

  • 25, Jul 2014 - Lifestyle

    Principal Possessions

    File #004: Peter Wong

    I bet that publish an own magazine is the dream of all human kind who love working in a magazine industry. Peter Wong, started his first job in 1988 for City Magazine, left in 1994 and opened a PR and design firm, then turn to a furniture store in 1999 and wen...

  • 25, Jul 2014 - Culture

    The Great Discontent Issue One

    A new print title on beginnings, creativity, and risk.

    The inaugural issue itself collects 17 inspiring interviews bound together by the loose theme of “leaps” -- an appropriate theme considering the Essmakers’ own leap of faith -- as well as two print-first features with Tavi Gevinson and Roman Mars.



24, Jul 2014 - Lifestyle

Moroccan Boucherouite
Rag Rug

Homemade montage.

24, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

Revealing The Concept of Found MUJI

Interview with Naoto Fukasawa

24, Jul 2014 - Stories


L'échapée Belle

21, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

Jeremy Everett : NO EXIT

Recording Time.

23, Jul 2014 - Tech

Eclipse TD-M1

Hi-Res AirPlay speaker system.

23, Jul 2014 - Art & Design

Travel Journal

Jot down every little wonder from the journey.

14, Jul 2014 - Fashion

If the Animals Prevail.

Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

18, Jul 2014 - Lifestyle

Urbanist Kit

Selections from Monocle Shop.

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