• 29, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle


    The hangless hanger.

    I cleaned out my closet during the new year holidays and I came to realize how absurd hangers actually were. They are supposed to hang clothes so that ironed shirts stay wrinkle-free and they are supposed to offer a cleaner and user-friendlier display than the...

  • 29, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

    The Photography of Won Kim

    Beauty in the mundane.

    I’ve always believed in the beauty of the mundane, as well as art’s ability -- and perhaps responsibility -- to adjust our perspectives to its value. The ability to capture everyday objects and surroundings and present them in a way that’s both beautiful and s...

  • 29, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle

    Y Studio

    The Weight of Words.

    Not long ago at a familiar store, I saw this set of copper stationery set. My first reaction was, “Is that not heavy to use?” The shop assistant simply replied, “Indeed it is quite heavy!” From the way he said it, the weight doesn’t seem to be a drawback, but ...

  • 28, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle


    Girls, free you soul.

    Underneath the pink icing-like outfits, a vague sense of feminism can still be felt, stubbornly fighting the constraints the mass has set. She said, having the appropriate amount of confidence is enough. This basic idea being spoken out loud may seem humble, s...

  • 28, Jan 2015 - Culture

    Haruki Murakami’s J.Press Stories

    A look at the writer’s early advertorial works.

    I’ve been an ardent Haruki Murakami fan since I was a teenager. For me, the Japanese writer’s famous novel, Norwegian Wood, was a coming-of-age novel on par with Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and one that I identified with perhaps more than any other book at t...

  • 28, Jan 2015 - Fashion

    Neil Barrett

    SS15 Pre Collection

    Born into a family of master tailors, it was quite obvious that Neil Barrett would be in the same shoes as his grandfather and great-grandfather, who all had great achievements in the world of fashion. Initially a fashion designer dedicated to menswear, he has...

  • 26, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

    Warps & Weft

    Finding the balance in life.

    Weaving is the process of crisscrossing two strands of yarn together to make a piece of fabric. A pattern can still be created even if the color of the threads are the same. The horizontal yarn is called the warp and the vertical one is called the weft.

  • 26, Jan 2015 - Fashion

    Jonathan Anderson for Loewe

    SS15 Women's Collection

    The bending of a materiality, the redefining of connotations.A change in form, an additional way of portrayal.A new name for the brand, a new way of execution.

  • 26, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle

    Recto Verso by Martino Gamper

    A modernized take on the café chair.

    London-based Italian designer Martino Gamper first grabbed my attention with his 100 Chairs in 100 Days project, an ambitious undertaking that involved collecting discarded chairs from London streets and turning them into “useful new chairs.” Appropriately, an...

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle

    The Polska Traveller Accessories

    Awaken the ancient stories.

    I scavenged through boxes of old things during my visit to my grandparent's old home and found a collection of non-luxurious small things inside. Filled with items such as watches, jewelries, tin cans and commemorative coins, they were all rusty and coated in ...

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Fashion

    Hermès Fall Winter 2015 Men's Ready-to-Wear Show

    Continuation of their exceptional savoir-faire through digital storytelling.

    Hermès Fall Winter 2015 Men's Ready-to-Wear show will be taking place at the La Maison de la Radio in Paris on the 24th of January 2015, at 8:00pm Paris time.

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Stories

    Julien Langendorff

    “Tiptoe Through the Other Side”

    The transpiring of a feeling is much harder to achieve in comparison to the transpiring of a story. People yearn for relationships and are naturally addicted to the acquiring of saneness in such an insane world. Things are better off to be understood, or at le...

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Culture

    A Nomadic Way of Creating


    I have been turning this question over in my mind for some time now: which word or phrase can be used to accurately describe life? Can experience, which constitutes life, be captured using language? There are no easy answers and yet, some seem to have found a ...

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

    Homesickness by Malin Ohlsson

    The secret piece of heart.

    Malin Ohlsson is a Swedish silversmith who is now living in Hong Kong. Ever since moving to Hong Kong with her husband in 2012, she has established her own brand of accessories of the same name. To go back to her roots, we would have to talk about her grandfat...

  • 23, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

    ROOM by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho

    A modular “house” for one’s objects.

    I’m not a tidy person by any means and I spent most of the recent holiday season reluctantly organizing -- but mostly hiding -- the clutter that’s amassed in my home over the past year. It was a painstaking task that took up a large chunk of my time off and, u...





23, Jan 2015 - Fashion

Hermès Fall Winter 2015 Men's Ready-to-Wear Show

Continuation of their exceptional savoir-faire through digital storytelling.

16, Jan 2015 - Fashion


Reinventing the classic shirt.

22, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

Perpetual Disappointments Diary

For disappointments only.

22, Jan 2015 - Culture

LOST Magazine

Travel is a state of mind.

16, Jan 2015 - Lifestyle

From Bonum Tote Bags

Demands to be cherished.

23, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

Homesickness by Malin Ohlsson

The secret piece of heart.

16, Jan 2015 - Culture

Woofertening Group, The Art of Community

An exclusive interview with Woofertening Group.

19, Jan 2015 - Art & Design

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