• 18, Dec 2014 - Culture

    Obscura Vol 17 / Autumn & Winter 2014

    Tales of Two Cities: Hong Kong, Berlin

    Not until we gaze into each other do we truly know one another. Obscura’s 2014 Autumn & Winter edition takes as our topic, where we stroll through the two historically rich and populated cities. With one in the West and...

  • 18, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    WDSTCK Goods

    Craft by Tough Slate Design.

    We dress in a particular way to express ourselves. Whether it is to express our mood, our personality or our likes, the outlook that we have chosen is an important part of our self identity. It is similar when it comes to brand identities. At the end of the da...

  • 18, Dec 2014 - Fashion

    Anne van Galen

    Warriors of the Downpour City

    Times have changed, and it’s no longer so hard to believe that scenes from sci-fi movies can really happen one day. I watched Interstellar a while ago, and apart from the bookshelf, it was that water-filled planet which had especially made an impact in my mind...

  • 18, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    Ai Weiwei: Not at Blenheim Palace

    Jessica Sarah Rinland’s two-part feature on the exhibition.

    Controversial artist, Ai Weiwei, as we all know, has been unable to travel since 2011, when his passport was confiscated by Chinese authorities. The prolific Ai, however, has been finding ways to make his presence -- and message -- known with an ongoing series...

  • 17, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

    Dust Production

    3D Printed Jewelries.

    Philosopher Walter Benjamin once said, the remoteness, uniqueness and aura of traditional arts would vanish in response to the rise of the mechanical reproduction era in the 19th century, in which printing and photography was invented. Arts would then enter a ...

  • 17, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

    Spartan Shop Fall 2014 Lookbook

    Reliable, classic items.

    Founded by Currie Person, Patrick Newell and their partner Julie Pearson, Spartan Shop is an Austin, Texas-based retailer specializing in a “carefully edited collection of beautiful, practical objects,” all of which are influenced by the changing seasons witho...

  • 16, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    Absoloot x The Jane Goodall Institute

    Extinct Animals Notebooks.

    Raising awareness for endangered wildlife is nothing new, but this year, print and paper specialist Absoloot and The Jane Goodall Institute have teamed up to create the “Extinct Animals” notebook collection -- perhaps the most artful products ever created for ...

  • 16, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle


    Creating through the sleepless nights.

    Amongst her paintings, the one that has made the deepest impression on me is the Sleepless Sheep – the chubby child that often appears in her drawings is shown building a cotton-like tree by lifting sheep up onto the branches during a sleepless night. The chil...

  • 15, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    Platinum Pen Co.

    A look into the Japanese brand’s manufacturing process.

    Founded in 1919 by Shunichi Nakata, Platinum Pen Co. is the maker of some of the world’s finest fountain pens, as well as the owner of the legendary Nakaya fountain pen brand. Along with Pilot-Namiki and Sailor, Platinum completes Japan’s “big three” when it c...

  • 15, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    Watercolor Paintings by Satsuki Shibuya

    Connecting the traditionally tangible and the unseen.

    Satsuki Shibuya is a painter, artist and spiritual thinker who lives and works in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. I first discovered her work on Instagram, where she posts examples of her art, and her watercolor paintings, in particular, have become favorites...

  • 15, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

    Fläpps Wardrobe Hillhäng

    Wall mountable and printable hanger.

    You can't really choose the landscape you see outside your window, but you can definitely build your interiors with different furnishings and furniture. Not everybody is a craftsman or an artistic designer, but we all have the opportunity to assemble what we w...

  • 12, Dec 2014 - Stories

    A Fine Balance

    Margaret Howel

    I’ve never liked playing favorites when it comes to visual art, film, gastronomy or music. Ask me about clothing, however, and I’ll tell you that my favorite designer, by far, is Margaret Howell. I’ve never met her, own only a few pieces of hers, and yet, I co...

  • 12, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

    MUJI Mini Hockey

    An object that brings joy.

    The longer the cold days stay, the more people would want to do things that are warm, such as eating a meal of hot pot, curling up in bed and refusing to wake up or staying outdoors to take advantage of the short durations of sunlight. Sometimes, it might be t...

  • 12, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

    Snowpark by Philippe Fragnière

    Land Art by the skiers.

    The complex geometrical patterns in front of our eyes carry the traces of those who have engaged in the extreme sport of skiing. The rounded and radian edges merge with the sky and form a piece of whiteness under his lens, delivering a condense feeling of cold...





9, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

Lammily Doll

The doll that looks like us.

11, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle


A sense of Anonymous Design.

11, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

Stewart & Claire

The Death & Co. experience.

8, Dec 2014 - Art & Design

63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth

Lenka Clayton’s bizarre, but brilliant project.

8, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle


The art of Zen.

11, Dec 2014 - Fashion

Juby Chiu

Exploring a language between the soul and flesh.

4, Dec 2014 - Fashion

CAMEO by Havehad

A simple and comfortable design.

4, Dec 2014 - Lifestyle

Andrea Rekalidis Ceramic Landmarks

Have Italy on your desk.

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