• 26, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

    Instagram Experiments by Javier Pérez

    Making everyday objects new.

    In our Spring 2014 issue, we highlighted the work of Brock Davis, an artist who specializes in taking everyday objects -- including vegetables, fruits and cereal -- and turning them into playful, unexpected images. This innate ability to see day-to-day things ...

  • 26, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

    Bisous Les Copains by Guillaume Kurkdjian

    Simple, but captivating animated GIFS.

    As much as I love GIFS -- and the artists who make them -- it’s not often that I see animated images that are simultaneously simple and complex. The young French artist Guillaume Kurkdjian however, pulls off this feat with “Bisous Les Copains,” an ongoing Tumb...

  • 25, Nov 2014 - Culture

    Apartamento Issue 14

    Everyday life interiors.

    Of all the interior design publications available, Apartamento is arguably my favorite. The self-described “everyday life interiors magazine” is well designed, beautifully photographed and down-to-earth, and unlike other similar print titles, contains a strong...

  • 25, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

    Cabins by Philip Jodidio

    Life in the woods.

    Ever since reading Henry David Thoreau’s description of his two year-stay at Walden Pond in his seminal work, Walden, or, Life in the Woods (1854), I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the idea of seeking refuge in nature. The prospect of extended, isolated living...

  • 24, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

    Atelier MUJI: Natural Indigo Dyeing

    Indigo 11.50.

    Indigo dye is an ancient craft and one of the common ways of color dyeing before chemical dyes became popular. When it comes to indigo dye, I always intuitively think that it embodies the spirit of the humane development. Since the finished variation in colors...

  • 24, Nov 2014 - Tech

    The All White Beats

    Snarkitecture Shop redefines the symbolic headphones.

    As emotional as it sounds, sometimes I roll myself into a physical bundle of flesh at night and blast new music through the Beats by Dre I have. The actual sound quality of these headphones have been debatable, but I completely agree with him that the product ...

  • 24, Nov 2014 - Fashion


    The precious thing from Lyon.

    This strange name is a curious little trick. Pull it apart and the words “mille neuf cent quatre vingt quatre” actually spell out 1984 in French, which is the birth year of the two designers Amélie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan.

  • 21, Nov 2014 - Stories

    Herman Miller Living Office

    Truly about the people.

    Amongst the chitchats in restaurants and bars during after hours, you would often hear people talk about their work. Whether it is about stress, colleagues or workload, there’s always a sense of complaint in their tone. People may agree with the saying – “If y...

  • 21, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

    Baseball Coins Pouch


    The texture of baseballs has always reminded me of the university campus. During the times I walked past the school’s sports field, I would hear distant cheers and applauses for hits and home runs, which became the background music of school days. At times, th...

  • 21, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

    GUM Series by Marion Fortat

    The beauty of imperfection.

    I’ve never been a fan of perfection when it comes to art; I find that flaws are much more interesting, and add character and humanity to a work. Ceramics and glassware, in particular, are often great examples of the beauty of imperfection, and my favorite exam...

  • 20, Nov 2014 - Culture

    I Think Things Are Getting Better

    A book of cell phone photos.

    There’s no denying that Instagram is one of the most interactive and creative social media platforms out there. Whether you’re looking for food pics, live images from the runway or a visual record of someone’s personal life, the photo-sharing tool has become a...

  • 20, Nov 2014 - Culture


    On Poetry and Edward Hirsch

    I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with poetry. I was 15 when I started writing creatively, and the same age when I composed my first poem, but it was almost a decade later that I truly gained respect for the art form. Growing up, I dreamed instead of beco...

  • 20, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

    500 Colored Pencils by felissimo

    The social ability of drawing tools.

    I used to collect pens when I was small and my pencil case was filled with sparkly glitter pens made in Japan. I would think twice before using them, so my mother, who is just as interested in the aesthetics of stationery as I am, bought me a set of 20 odd pen...

  • 20, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

    HUHU Cushion

    A reliever for fidgeters.

    “HUHU” is the unconscious breathing noise we make when we are asleep. Whether it’s loud or faint, or at times relaxed or hurried, it could be due to what we are dreaming at that moment. While some people may snore when they are in deep sleep, it is certian tha...

  • 19, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

    Bloc Hyalin

    A household essential.

    Potassium alum has long been used as a deodorant and an antiperspirant by ancient Egyptians four thousand years ago. In the ancient civilizations of India and China, records of alum usage was also often seen. According to the Chinese medical book De Pei Ben Ca...



14, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

Yoga Joes

Violent toys become peaceful.

20, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

HUHU Cushion

A reliever for fidgeters.

18, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

Tape Paris

Created by Numen / For Use for COS.

19, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

Bloc Hyalin

A household essential.

17, Nov 2014 - Lifestyle

Ostrich Pillow Mini

Diminishing embarrassing moments.

21, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

GUM Series by Marion Fortat

The beauty of imperfection.

20, Nov 2014 - Art & Design

500 Colored Pencil by felissimo

The social ability of drawing tools.

20, Nov 2014 - Culture

I Think Things Are Getting Better by Amardeep Singh.

A book of cell phone photos.

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