• 27, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    FvF Visits Sayori and Toyotsugu Wada

    A beach-inspired residence in Tokyo.

    Tokyo is many things -- a bustling, vibrant metropolis, a haven for foodies and shoppers, a well-established tech hub -- but it’s not usually known as a destination for surfers and beach culture enthusiasts. As such, there’s something inherently special about ...

  • 27, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Hasisi Park

    Her photography would include herself.

    Quitting school when she was seventeen, she went to India as a backpacker alone for two months. The locals there were unable to pronounce her Korean name, and one day when she got asked for her name while she was drunk, she blurted out “Hasisi...”, a type of c...

  • 24, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Dinosaur Design

    The resin’s glowing aura.

    Giving off translucent colors like amber, it appears like a series of floating white clouds transmitting misty auras from the sky.[@1]http://www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au/[@2]Dinosaur Design[@3] is an Australian houseware design brand founded by Louise Olsen and ...

  • 24, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Carved by Kutarq

    The textures of daily life.

    Is it a tiny valley, a wind-blown desert, the ripples of the sea, or an imagined landscape unique to the designer? As I read on, I realized how far fetched our minds can be, and how easily we forget to appreciate the simplest things in life.

  • 23, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Plant Friends

    Reminding people to water their plants.

    Growing potted plants is probably the only way for people living in the cramped city to be close to nature, so that a comforting experience can be felt even though a garden is not present. Yet, the urban lifestyle often involves chaotic schedules which cause p...

  • 23, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    A Thing of Beauty by Dawn Ng

    Celebrating the thing we own.

    With the first round of my annual spring cleaning now completed, I’ve been thinking a bit about the things that I own. Like the things that we eat, it seems to me, the things that we possess define us. What we buy, use, keep or throw way is a large indicator o...

  • 23, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Life Before Being Famous

    Andy Warhol's Complete Collection of Commissioned Magazine Work

    There are always misconceptions about successful people, that “it must be because they are from a rich family” or that “they were lucky at the right timing”. When it comes to artists, their successes stir up even more debate. Since art can never be perceived i...

  • 22, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Matthias Jung’s Surreal Homes

    Dream-like photographic collages.

    There’s no shortage of fantastic commercial architecture in today’s cities, but I’ve recently developed a keen interest in some of the more unusual residences around the world. Many of them, it seems, can be found through sites like Airbnb, where I’ve discover...

  • 22, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Laboratory Perfumes’ Imagining the Invisible

    Evoking scent through sight.

    The one thing I love most about fragrances -- besides obvious characteristics like notes, quality and longevity -- is their ability to conjure specific images, memories or feelings. Scents, as such, often trigger the sense of sight through our noses, and most ...

  • 21, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Dux Sharpeners

    A century-old staionery brand.

    People who like stationery probably have heard of the German brand Dux. Specialized in the production of pencil sharpeners ever since 1908, their brass-made sharpeners are best known. Recently, I discovered a selection of Dux sharpeners at a newly opened stati...

  • 21, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Afa Annfa

    Acknowledging herself through art.

    I suppose every fine art student feels the same way at a certain point in his/her life, either during his/her educational years or creative career. “What am I doing exactly? What am I getting myself into? How am I going to support myself with this bare minimum...

  • 21, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Geoff McFetridge for Nieves

    Between image and language.

    The only thing better than the variety of Nieves’ zines, in my opinion, is the sheer quality of the artists involved. We’ve highlighted our admiration for the Swiss publisher before, but I recently discovered that they added Geoff McFetridge to an already impr...

  • 20, Apr 2015 - Stories

    A Fine Balance

    Consolations of the Forest

    We live in a world that’s become increasingly hot, noisy and crowded. Thanks to television, social media, mobile phones and email, many of us have also lost our ability to concentrate on the things that matter and make us who we are -- books, nature, our inner...

  • 20, Apr 2015 - Stories


    The upstairs wonderland.

    You won't find the store if you trek down the street like how a normal person will, counting down to the shop numbers as stated on the signs. Because at the end of the road you will realize that you have run out of numbers to count, yet the missing doorstep to...

  • 16, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Handmade Wooden Serving Board

    Igloo X MoodyWoody

    I often walk around because of work. I trekked up St. Francis Street and took a left turn into Sau Wa Fong one day, where a series of low-rise apartments and small stores are located, creating this scene that I see every other two weeks.





21, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Geoff McFetridge for Nieves

Between image and language.

22, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Matthias Jung’s Surreal Homes

Dream-like photographic collages.

15, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

Day and Night

A design for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

EO1 by Electric Objects

For digital artworks only.

14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Human Scale

Measuring with your body.

14, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

Oak Village Desk Objects

Handmade wooden masterpieces from Japan.

14, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

Serenity by BeCandle

Inject a tad of amusement into our busy lives.

9, Apr 2015 - Art & Design


All inverse and illusionistic scenes can be traced.

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