• 19, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    Lightjunction at Designjunction 2014

    Lighting up an array of creative souls.

    From flames to torches, to candles and light bulbs, humanity have traveled a long way in trying to illuminate the world. As such essential morphs from being something hard to reach to something easily obtained, we can’t help but be creative with its execution,...

  • 19, Sep 2014 - Fashion

    nido FW2014

    The warmest care from Argentina.

    Perhaps, it is true that only handmade products understand the warmth a person needs, for the softest harmony to be brought out and the most comforting level of protection to be achieved.

  • 18, Sep 2014 - Stories


    In Praise of Shadows

    The darkness brings immutable tranquility and I have always been drawn to its depth. Were it not for them, beauty would seem perhaps too polished, too glaring. A phosphorescent jewel gives off its glow and color in the dark and loses its beauty in the light of...

  • 18, Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

    diptyque’s Essences Insensées & Le Redouté

    A romantic adventure ever since 1961.

    Soothingly calm even just by the pure sight, its hidden charm of voluptuous scent acts like a key opening the door at 34th boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris. Turn the clock back fifty years, and see the founders Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coue...

  • 18, Sep 2014 - Tech

    Chanel × Monster Headphones

    The collaboration of Karl Largerfeld and Monster.

    On top of being tagged with Chanel's iconic “double C” logo; these black leather quilted headphones are told to retain Monster's original quality.

  • 17, Sep 2014 - Culture

    Charles Bukowski. Uncensored.

    A 1993 recording session for Run With the Hunted.

    Charles Bukowski may go down as one of America’s best-known contemporary writers, but the German-born “laureate of American lowlife” was also famous for his gritty, larger-than-life biography – one littered with liquor, drugs and women as much as it was marked...

  • 16, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    Woodwork by Silvia Song

    Function and beauty through simplicity.

    There’s something pure, tranquil and warm about wooden objects that I’ve always loved, especially when it comes to everyday items like bowls, utensils and home furnishings. Recently, I was delighted to come across the work of Silvia Song, a Bay Area artist and...

  • 16, Sep 2014 - Culture

    (can we hold hands out here) by D.A. Levy

    A rare volume of poetry from an overlooked literary figure.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the lives of poets, especially those who, despite their devotion to their craft, somehow ended their careers unrecognized and unappreciated. Poetry, after all, is a medium of expression that’s financially and socially unrewarding...

  • 15, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    Ring a Date Perpetual Calendar

    A Vintage Everyday Item.

    Before computers were popular, annual and monthly plans relied on being written on a calendar, with dates circled with a marker pen for specific goals. As time passed, these hanging calendars had become an indispensable sight in life.

  • 15, Sep 2014 - Tech

    Sony KW1

    Perfume bottle camera will spray you with selfies.

    The appearance is based upon the traditional perfume bottle as blueprint, with a body that can be loosely divided into two parts. With a bottle cap- like 21mm f/2.0 ultra wide lens on the top; the external edges of the camera is studded with Swarovski crystals...

  • 15, Sep 2014 - Fashion

    Clay Project by JOHN YUYI

    Vibrant works from a witty Taiwanese designer.

    I first paid attention to her because of her unique face, paired with soulful big eyes and petal-like lips. Others have been saying that she resembles Faye Wong, and indeed, they both show great determination in their gaze. Occasionally when I stumble upon her...

  • 12, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    Vitsœ, Live Better With Less

    An exclusive interview with Mark Adams.

    Every year during Milan Design Week, New York’s ICFF, 100% Design London and other global events, different brands from around the world release innovative ideas, hoping to tempt you into purchasing their goods and raising the urge to obtain the new and abando...

  • 12, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    Source Self- made Design

    The exhibition for everybody.

    As various modern day exhibition stirs away from being led by commercialism, not only are the scope of audiences expanding, but also the body of participating parties. Younger talents are given light via different opportunities, and this 2013 Florence-founded ...

  • 11, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

    写 生


    Clean your hands, clear your desk, turn on the music, and prepare to stitch. With nothing else in mind, stay focused on the task. She builds her imaginations on cloth, and once settled with needles and threads, the surrounding scenery nor the direct voice of l...

  • 11, Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

    Everyday Needs

    All you need and nothing more.

    I’ve never been the thriftiest of individuals, but in an effort to curb frivolous spending and save up for my first apartment, I’ve been giving some serious thought recently to the idea of quality over quantity, and to my own relationship with consumerism. It ...



10, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

Leather Forever

An unprecedented journey with Hermès.

8, Sep 2014 - Culture

Dream Books by Chihoi

A collection of his favorite book covers.

5, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

Art and Craft

The fascinating story of forger Mark Landis.

11, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

Untitled by Paweł Fabjański

A metaphor for the creative compulsion within us.

11, Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

Everyday Needs

All you need and nothing more.

11, Sep 2014 - Art & Design

写 生


2, Sep 2014 - Culture

Somebody App by Miranda July

A new messaging service and public art project.

5, Sep 2014 - Lifestyle

Molecule-R Aromafork

Adds 21 different flavors to your favorite foods instantly.

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