• 21, Aug 2014 - Art & Design

    Camelflage Series by David Schwen

    A fun art project involving paint and a camel.

    Created with acrylic paint, found materials and a toy camel, the series features the plastic figurine hidden against a variety of backdrops, including cherries, bricks, sand, a plastic bag and my personal favorite, a burger. Together, the images form a series ...

  • 20, Aug 2014 - Stories


    Tram No. 120

    It’s not common to find a century-old public transportation system in every city, especially one where the medium becomes a moving theatre of the notion of daily life. Moving from the West to the East and back, one can absorb the history, stories and changes o...

  • 19, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

    HALE Furniture

    Aluminum and steel designs by Jonathan Nesci.

    Founded by Nesci in 2006, HALE specializes in functional, minimalist furniture that’s locally made from materials like aluminum and steel. In many cases, the designs are also “formed around industry capabilities and employ experts in a variety of manufacturing...

  • 19, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

    The Art of Daily Life

    Obscura × kapok Opening Party Recap

    Launched last Thursday, our joint-collaboration with kapok began with a heavy rainfall just before the opening, but it soon cleared up and it all went to plan.For this special occasion, kapok’s director Arnault Castel has chosen a selection of products that re...

  • 19, Aug 2014 - Fashion

    Imaginative Apparel Scenes II

    Fall/Winter 2014 Women's Accessories collections.

    A pretentious cactus is having an afternoon nap in a cushy pose;Slice an eggplant and let it fall away like onion rings; An open vase is accompanied by eyes who blinked into life. Creating an eternal moment that is snapped by the shutter;

  • 18, Aug 2014 - Stories

    Five Things

    #007: Obscura's Selections – 
Obscura × kapok Pop-Up Store

    When you’re feeling tired or drained out, you can always look back to the details of your daily essentials, as you might find a way out from the mundane. Following the selections of Arnault Castel (link), Obscura has also chosen a selection of objects for sell...

  • 15, Aug 2014 - Tech

    Twelve24 ClockONE

    Tells the time with e-ink.

    ClockONE adopts the E-Ink technology which has been commonly used for producing e-books, with its ultra-slim, soft, high-contrast and low power consumption characteristics, it's one meter wide but only weights less than 4 lbs. with a 4mm thickness, while a pie...

  • 15, Aug 2014 - Art & Design

    Atsushi Momoi’s Score (Scene #1 / Tokyo)

    Visualizing the soundtrack of Tokyo.

    With the photographer’s use of long exposures and carefully orchestrated camera movements, the result is a beautiful set of images that accompany the city’s “aural experience,” and continues Momoi’s ongoing study of the relationship between individuals and the...

  • 14, Aug 2014 - Culture

    Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo

    The French filmmaker’s new, experimental creation.

    Like his earlier hit, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Gondry addresses the issue of a doomed relationship, this time through the lens of a grave illness.

  • 14, Aug 2014 - Art & Design

    Floral Fabric by Eason Page

    Making a real garden.

    Eason Page is a Hong Kong-based photographer who works with the idea of perspectives, while exploring new ways to understand the connections of people and their surroundings. His past works include landmark and rooftop, which were inspired by Hong Kong’s archi...

  • 14, Aug 2014 - Tech


    The only in-home 10-minute clothing care system.

    Produced by the American home appliances maker Whirlpool, the operation of the SWASH one-stop clothing care system is easy and simple, without the need for any extra chemicals, just plug in a cup of SWASH POD, a one-time washing liquid package specially design...

  • 14, Aug 2014 - Stories

    OBSCURA Summer 2014 Playlist

    Think of Living More. Think of Less.

    As we approach the middle of Summer, for our new issue launch we've selected some of our favourite new tunes to get us through the long, hot days. Our new playlist features a range of names both old and new, including the highly-anticipated latest tracks from ...

  • 14, Aug 2014 - Art & Design

    Isabella Vacchi’s Monochrome

    The Italian photographer’s tonal food series.

    The young Milanese photographer created her images by matching props, cutlery and mood lighting with her edible subjects, resulting in a visually-appealing set of culinary stills in shades of black, brown, white or grey.

  • 13, Aug 2014 - Fashion

    Kapital FW2014 “Peace Pilgrim” Collection

    The Japanese label journeys to Mongolia.

    Titled “Peace Pilgrim,” the lookbook above was captured by long-time collaborator, Eric Kvatek, and depicts the country’s stark, yet breathtaking scenery and local inhabitants, many of whom effortlessly donned the Japanese brands latest pieces.

  • 12, Aug 2014 - Culture

    Forest of Illusions

    Revealing repression of our 1980s generation.

    Forest of Illusions is a presentation of three diverse artists from the 1980s generation: Cheng Ran from Hangzhou, Yang Yi-shiang from Taiwan, and Tsang Kin-wah from Hong Kong. They share the same subject matters about human conditions of the contemporary worl...



4, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

The Art of
Daily Life:
Obscura × kapok

Exploring the intricate stories behind everyday objects.

12, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

Ivania Carpio DIY Coat Stand for Obscura

An exclusive design by the founder of Love Aesthetics.

14, Aug 2014 - Art & Design

Floral Fabric
by Eason Page

Making a real garden.

14, Aug 2014 - Stories

OBSCURA Summer 2014 Playlist

Think of Living More. Think of Less.

13, Aug 2014 - Fashion

Kapital FW2014
“Peace Pilgrim” Collection

The Japanese label journeys to Mongolia.

8, Aug 2014 - Stories

Five Things

#006: Arnault's Selections – Obscura × kapok Pop-Up Store Preview

8, Aug 2014 - Fashion

Apparel Scenes

Inspired by the Fall/Winter 2014 collections.

11, Aug 2014 - Lifestyle

Slash Lamp
by Dragos Motica

A beautiful, interactive design for UBIKUBI.

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