• 16, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Handmade Wooden Serving Board

    Igloo X MoodyWoody

    I often walk around because of work. I trekked up St. Francis Street and took a left turn into Sau Wa Fong one day, where a series of low-rise apartments and small stores are located, creating this scene that I see every other two weeks.

  • 15, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Day and Night

    A design for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    Whenever I say to my friends that bad weathers affect my mood, they would reply in a ridicule tone or laugh at the idea. Until this conversation having been repeatedly looped in my life did I slowly realize that not all people's moods are affected by the weath...

  • 14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    EO1 by Electric Objects

    For digital artworks only.

    Eight creatives including artists, performers, singers, painters and sculptors gathered at the Bowery district located at the south of Manhattan within New York City. Unfortunately, the digital era has penetrated into our lives with portable devices, disturbin...

  • 14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Human Scale

    Measuring with your body.

    As some of you might already know from this other article that I wrote, I have never been good with measurements. I am so bad at it to the extent that I still give people my shoe size number wrong since it is measured by different units and is based on differe...

  • 14, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Oak Village Desk Objects

    Handmade wooden masterpieces from Japan.

    The discovery of simple, artisanal wooden objects has become a personal interest of mine lately and most recently, I came across a wonderful range of designs by Japan’s Oak Village. Founded in 1974 in Takayama with the goal of encouraging a “sustainable, recyc...

  • 14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously by Nathalie Du Pasquier

    A unique document of modern design.

    Nathalie Du Pasquier may be known best for co-founding the iconic postmodern design movement, Memphis, but the French-born, Milan-based artist’s personal style is equally noteworthy. Bold, colorful and often featuring wild angles and geometric patterns, it’s a...

  • 14, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Serenity by BeCandle

    Inject a tad of amusement into our busy lives.

    Lights and candlelights are different because the latter is capable of delivering both calming and blazing heat at different times. Anyone would have seen the slowly shedding layers of wax melting down a candle; it just depends on how focused the viewer is.

  • 13, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Thomas Doyle Miniatures

    The dark side of the story.

    Miniatures are usually of cute and tiny things. Gentle and adorable, people use these little things to build fantastical worlds. After all, they were initially made for train models, where scenes of the daily life are transformed into imagined realities like t...

  • 13, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Tokujin Yoshioka

    Designs experiments in light and space.

    I first discovered the work of Tokujin Yoshioka via his work with Kartell, but the award-winning Japanese designer has been conducting his creative experiments in light and space for quite some time. Born in Japan in 1967, Yoshioka trained along with Shiro Kur...

  • 13, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Graphic Means

    Graphic design in the age before computers.

    I was born in 1986, which means that I spent several years in school before the use of computers became widespread and an integral part of my education. As a kid, I remember having to make do with nothing more than a pair of scissors, construction paper and so...

  • 10, Apr 2015 - Stories

    Unexpected Welcome

    With Africa, Rose & Fitzgerald

    When I first laid my eyes on the works of Rose & Fitzgerald, a designer brand now based in Africa, I was drawn to it almost instantly. It was not because they are exceptionally pretty, or because they boast better functionality than other similar products. It ...

  • 10, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

    Sending glitters to the people you hate

    Don't mess with me.

    Since the idea is absolutely hilarious, we have decided to share it. Shipyourenemiesglitter.com does exactly what it says: for USD $9.99, it ships an envelop full of glitters to wherever in the world your enemy is. The sender's identity is kept anonymous, but ...

  • 9, Apr 2015 - Art & Design


    All inverse and illusionistic scenes can be traced.

    Men and clothes, clothes and flowers; it would be difficult if you wanted to seek a long term relationship within such combinations, but there happens to be someone who believes in this and is performing such a task, of combining flowers and clothing in a harm...

  • 8, Apr 2015 - Stories

    Dries Van Noten + Alexandra Kehayoglou Exhibition

    A conversation with the artist.

    If talent were not fostered through education, it must have been inherited through blood. Talented people are more alert, sensitive and receptive to certain things. They execute with uncommon practices and often result the world with alluring originals that no...

  • 2, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

    Thin-K Longo

    Revealing a sense of simplicity.

    Usually what impresses me in a furniture piece is not its fanciness, but rather a sense of simplicity which is able to express texture and streamline, something that words are incapable of describing.[@1]http://www.kristalia.it/design-tables/large-extension-ta...





14, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Don’t Take These Drawings Seriously by Nathalie Du Pasquier

A unique document of modern design.

13, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Graphic Means

Graphic design in the age before computers.

2, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Joan Cornella

Addicted to that fancyface.

2, Apr 2015 - Fashion

Norse Projects Women’s FW 2015 Collection

The Danish brand’s inaugural womenswear offering.

1, Apr 2015 - Culture

The Neon Museum

Restoring Las Vegas' distinctive history.

1, Apr 2015 - Art & Design

Tadashi Kawamata: Walk, Touch, View

The Japanese artist on construction and demolition.

1, Apr 2015 - Lifestyle

Shell Homeware from Vietnam

Traces of the cycle of life.

31, Mar 2015 - Culture

Nourished Journal Two

A magazine devoted to health and wellbeing.

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