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Obscura Magazine

Vol 16: Summer 2014 + Blackbird Vol 04

Obscura Vol 16 / Summer 2014

Think of Living More. Think of Less.

As a continuation of cultivating the art of daily life, the Summer 2014 volume of Obscura is an examination of the essentials in our daily lives – a way to show our appreciation of the beauty and simplicity of everyday objects.

Highlighted stories include: “Their Love for Aesthetics” – an intimate conversation with Love Aesthetics’ Ivania Carpio and her family on the notion of Minimalism; “Making Friendly Papers” – Ha Wan Pao’s founder Anna Gleeson’s passion on creating content about common matters with common people; “The Narrow Path” – Rose Bakery’s intention of making seductive, simple food, an interview with cook and visionaire, Rose and Jean-Charles Carrarini; “A Day between Sun, Love and Melody” – Studio TM’s captured memories of a steamy hot summer day; “Serious Drawings” – Presenting ideas in its simplest form, an illustrated interview with Marc Johns; “Beautiful Things” – Obscura’s selections of life’s useful commodities, embodying subtle beauty.

Cover Photograph by Love Aesthetics

Blackbird Vol 04 / Summer 2014


In the fourth volume of BlackBird Automotive Journal, we continue the journey of a humble Ferrari 500 Mondial as the cover story; from its revival by master restoration specialist Andy Greene to its reunion with the famed Mille Miglia, almost 60 years since it first accepted the first of its five subsequent challenges; once more feeling the freedom of racing over a thousand miles of its homeland. With a special focus on artists and craftsmen, we visit the studio of French artist Yan Denes, whose stunning pencil and pastel drawings of key automobiles and auto-racing scenes have earned him an impressive following amongst enthusiasts and aficionados alike, and speak to renowned designer Jochen Paesen - Project Leader at BMW’s interior design department, who shares with us how his twin passion of art and photography influences his work at one of the world’s most recognised marques. Perhaps the true master of his craft, BlackBird Automotive Journal is proud to publish an article by the late legendary racing photographer Louis Klemantaski, derived from his handwritten memoirs and in-car photographs as he co-drove alongside Ferrari racing legend Peter Collins as they blitzed through the 1957 Mille Miglia; a rare chance to experience the historic race in a different era from the driver’s seat. This story serves as an introduction to a new editorial component of BlackBird Automotive Journal: racing. Additionally, from this issue forward, the Klemantaski Collection will offer a regular column in BlackBird Automotive Journal, enabling our readers to discover lesser-known racing stories through their historical archives. Rounding off the issue, we travel back to the modern age and share our experiences with two of the latest competitors in the field; Ferrari’s 458 Speciale, and McLaren’s 650S.

*The two magazines will be sold together as a set.

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