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Maison Martin Margiela:

Smells Like Memories Hong Kong Exhibition

Words | Phaedrus Lam
Translation | Edward Chiu, Edwin Lo
Edit | Jonathan Poh
Design | Pui Kwok
Illustration | Vivian Ho
Scent works like memories, and evokes our own personal history through life. Even with the passing of time, it continues to linger without dissipating.

The "Smells Like Memories" exhibition -- co-organized by Maison Martin Margiela and Obscura -- will open at Amelia Johnson Contemporary on 5th April, with the main focus being “visual imagery” for the latest leg of the tour in Hong Kong. Using the Replica collection as a launch pad for creativity, five specially-selected photographers were tasked with creating a set of six photographs, adding up to a grand total of thirty images depicitng the fragrances. Invited from Hong Kong are Wing Shya, Suki Lui, Martin Cheung and Topaz Leung of Studio TM, while Japan is represented by Takashi Homma and Hideaki Hamada.

For the occasion, we recently sat down with four of the five creatives to discover the stories behind these images, as well as their own personal connections with scents and memories. By conversing with this diverse group of people, we believe we made unique connections and uncovered truths about scent’s ability to take you back to a certain time and place.

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