Stories: INFLUENCES - My favourite sports brands.


My favourite sports brands.

Direction, Styling, Words | Cheng Chi Lung
Assistant | Liu Kin Wai 
Photography | Chan Kin Wai 
Illustration | Decue
Translation | Joyce Tsang
Props | Ching Ng (Flower Loop Bow), Chan Sum Ho & Terry (Fake Hand)
Design | Ching Ng 
Camera | Nikon D4
Throughout the years, a lot of different sports brands have appeared; with some achieving great popularity then but are no longer valued today. To have the chance in wearing their shoes or to collect them now is not easy anymore. Whether it’s a pair of canvas slip-on or a pair of sneakers; I wish that everyone likes the sport shoes that they own and appreciate the brand’s one of a kind characteristics. With this story, I hope to share with you the things and people which have greatly influenced me, and to use this chance in reintroducing the brands that have once been the leaders in the sneaker market but are no longer familiar now.

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