Follow Your Heart

In order to understand, you must first experience.

  • Words & Drawing / Luci

Flowers have always been a sign during my study in Shamanic Heart Healing, ATIH and Sacred Geometry of the Heart workshops. I never understood the true meaning of seeing these signs until one day I started seeing daisies in the Flower of Life. Daisies have always been my favorite flower since I was a little child. Magic happened when I saw how I was creating flowers inside the Flower of Life drawings again and again. Magic is also when you don’t know why you insist on doing what your heart tells you because you trust it’s what you need to do in order to know about who you truly are, meaning the gifts that you are born with and passed down from your ancestors. People naturally believe one is gifted with drawing skills when their parents are also painters, but no one really knows that if you have an ancestor with such gift, you can also retrieve it through unlearning what you always believed as the so-called you, the you that were defined by your parents, teachers, friends or anyone you’ve met in your life. If you trust your heart hard enough, no matter what kind of fear or doubt you have to go through, you will always find magic along the way. This is my own personal experience when I decided to start drawing the Flower of Life.

“In order to understand, you must first experience.” – this belief has always been my path of remembering who I truly am. If you are also uncertain about what you are going through in your life right now, when you are in fear or full of doubt, trust that you are not alone. You are never alone because magic is always there for you to discover when you continue to follow your heart.


在我學習Shamanic Heart Healing、ATIH、Sacred Geometry of the Heart的期間,花一直是個常出現的sign。我當時一直未明白它的意義,直到有天我在生命之花裡看見了雛菊。雛菊是我從小時候就很喜愛的花。當我發覺自己在繪畫生命之花時,不斷地畫出花朵,神奇的事情便發生了。更神奇的是,你不知道為什麼你堅持跟隨內心告訴你要做的事,因為你相信這是你需要做的,這是為了了解你真正是誰,還有你那與生俱來、從祖先那裡承傳下來的天賦。人們會很自然地認為,如果父母是畫家,孩子便會有繪畫天賦,但沒有很多人知道,如果你的祖先也擁有這種天賦,你也能夠找回它。透過忘記自己一直相信那個所謂的「你」,那個由你的父母、老師、朋友或是你一生中遇到的任何人所定義的你。如果你有足夠的堅定,去相信自己的心,無論你經歷怎樣的恐懼與懷疑,你總會發現一路上的神奇之處。這是我決定開始繪畫生命之花時的親身經歷。

「要了解,你必須先體驗。」—— 這個信念一直是我的道路,讓我記住自己真正是誰。如果你也不確定你現在的生活正在經歷什麼,當你處於恐懼或充滿懷疑的時候,請相信你並不孤單。當你繼續跟隨自己的內心,魔法總會在那裡等著你發現,你永遠也不孤單。