In order to understand,

I must first experience.

Flower of Life_Mother Gaia

Dear Mama Gaia,

When you told me “In order to understand, you must first experience”, I asked you why; you just smiled gently and did not answer. Then you told me to go to Egypt for my Awakening Heart Sacred Journey. I asked again why, and you simply said, “Just go and you will see.” So I followed my heart and signed up for the trip organised by LuKa. Magic began to happen the moment you guided me to focus on drawing the Flower of Life. For the first time ever, I felt MUNAY LOVE, not just between you and me, but also the interconnectedness of all living beings in this Cosmos.

I didn’t understand why the Flower of Life is so important to me, so you showed me a dream: You took me to the bottom of the ocean, and pointed at the water surface above. I looked up and saw raindrops falling onto the seawater surface. Ripples spread out like sparkling circles, slowly forming into the pattern of Flower of Life. I woke up and asked you, “What does it mean, Mama?” You said again with the same loving smile, “Just go and see.” The moment I arrived at the second temple of Abydos in Egypt, where Drunvalo has written about the red Flower of Life patterns carved on the stone wall, my heart cried with joy not only because I could finally see them, but also because of what I found on the stone wall ceiling right above those Flower of Life patterns: the light reflection of the little stream from below, showing beautiful shadows of wave-like movement, while droplets of water fell onto the water surface, forming ripples of light.

I finally understood why you showed me that dream. If someone had asked me before this Egypt trip, what does LOVE look like? I wouldn’t know how to answer. How could one ever describe LOVE? But now I know how: I don’t need to describe in words; I only need to show him/her the Flower of Life. That’s what this drawing means, the MUNAY LOVE Mama Gaia has for all of us. THANK YOU for guiding me on this beautiful journey. I now understand that I’m ready to share what I have learned from you, and also what the Flower of Life means to others as well.

(your dearest daughter on Earth)


當妳告訴我:「要了解,你必須先體驗。」我問妳為甚麼,妳只微笑不語。然後,妳告訴我前往埃及,踏上心之覺醒神聖旅程(Awakening Heart Sacred Journey),我再次問為甚麼,而妳只簡單的回答:「去吧,你會看見的。」我便隨心所往,參加了LuKa設計的旅程。打從妳指引我去專注繪畫生命之花的一刻開始,奇妙的事便隨之發生。平生第一次,我感受到MUNAY LOVE,那不止是妳我之間的愛,更是與宇宙萬物的相互連繫。


我終於明白妳為何讓我看到那個夢。在這埃及之旅前,若有人問我「愛」是甚麼模樣的,我不知如何回答。「愛」怎可能描述呢?但現在我知道了:我不用以文字描述,我只需要讓他/她看見生命之花。這幅圖畫的意義便是如此 — 蓋婭母親對我們所有人懷著的MUNAY LOVE。感謝妳引領我前往這趟美好的旅程,我現在明白到,我已預備好分享在妳身上學習到的事,與別人分享生命之花的意義。