Living in New Earth

An inner voice that speaks to you with LOVE and kindness.

  • Words & Drawing / Luci
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“Memory is a strange thing.” – Louise Banks, Arrival

Almost two years ago, I’ve written about remembering my past life in Lemuria. Since then I keep thinking about Louise (the female linguist in the movie, Arrival), how she feels like she’s living in both the past and present because she has dreamed of brief moments from her future life. Those visions become a constant déjà vu, feeling like she knows what’s going to happen next when she’s assisting the U.S. Army to communicate with aliens.

Einstein once said, “Time is an illusion.” – meaning past, present and future exist at the same point. But we do feel time flowing from one moment to another. When I started remembering glimpses of my past Lemurian life, I was seeing those scenes in my mind’s eye while living in the present moment. It was like two images overlapping together, as if I’m living in two dimensions together. Many people have similar experiences without understanding this in terms of dimensions or how time works.

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While seeing my past life memories in Lemuria, I has a strange feeling of living with the Japanese aesthetics which I have always loved in this lifetime at the same time – the admiration of daily life beauty and living in harmony with nature. It dawned on me why I wrote about retrieving ancestors’ gifts in a recent post. Drawing the Flower of Life is one method to heal yourself on a soul level, and once you’ve cleared some DNA blockages from your ancestors’ karma, you can replace it with some unknown talents from your ancestors. I’m always fond of zen culture and wabi-sabi aesthetics because my soul have always unconsciously remembered my past life in Lemuria, and my higher self has been guiding me to integrate the Lemurian lifestyle into my present life.

People have been talking about 5D New Earth already existing, but how do we know if we’re actually living in it? The answer is simple, whenever your heart calls you to live in a way that you love, and have an unexplainable touching feeling of LOVE all around you, you are already in 5D New Earth. Many people don’t realise that, without any spiritual learning, they’re also unconsciously living in New Earth, because their higher selves have always guided them to live from their hearts, acting as an inner voice.

That voice is soft and kind,
whispering to you from your heart.
Just stay still, and you will be able to hear.

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“Memory is a strange thing.” – Louise Banks, Arrival




大家都說5D New Earth經已存在,我們又如何可以知道自己正活在其中?答案很簡單,很多人即使沒有接觸靈性學習,也能懂得聽從內心(高我)的指引,以熱愛的方式生活;每當他們在日常生活中有著莫名感動的時刻,便已是活在New Earth之中。