The Seed of Life energetic DNA Blueprint

a sacred geometry symbol which we all carry within us

  • Words & Drawing / Luci
Seed of Life_01

在所有人的靈魂裡,當中的能量頻率均存有一個神性幾何符號 —— 生命種子能量體DNA藍圖(The Seed of Life energetic DNA Blueprint)。當我們開始投生在地球時,每個人的首個顯生的能量體存在形式是心輪,因此所有人在母親的子宮內開始孕育時,第一個形成的器官也就是心臟。

心臟本身在能量顯化的層面而言,其實是一個呈圓環狀的能量發送器(Torus Heart),我們在其中藉由通過心之微空間(Tiny Space of the Heart)與本宇宙的宇宙爸爸(又稱太陽爸爸)和宇宙媽媽(又稱蓋亞媽媽或地球媽媽)連結起來。

這項連結在每個人出生的一刻並未完全啟動,但在仍是小孩階段(未滿七歲前)時,我們都自然而然地能與地球媽媽的阿卡西紀錄資料庫聯繫著,並與地球萬物呈合一狀態。一旦滿了七歲,我們的靈魂就開始進入「播種階段」的旅程。每個人就好像是一顆顆小種子般,被埋進地球媽媽的泥土裡,並進入下降期(Descension Period),從而展開與地球萬物感覺分離,和將自己視為獨立個體的體驗。


彷如種子一樣,每一個靈魂也有其個別的發芽時機。當你的靈魂知道是時候體驗覺醒,你的生命種子能量體DNA藍圖(The Seed of Life energetic DNA Blueprint)便會完全啟動,在適當時機發展成為獨一無二的生命之花能量體DNA藍圖(Flower of Life energetic DNA Blueprint)。

The Seed of Life energetic DNA Blueprint, which we all have in our souls’ energetic frequencies, is a sacred geometry symbol which we all carry within us. When we start our incarnation on Mother Earth, we first develop the Heart Chakra as an energetic being form. This is why everyone starts his/her physical body’s development with the Heart as the first organ to be formed inside a mother’s womb.

The physical Heart is also an energetic Torus Heart’s energy transmitter, connecting a soul with the Cosmic Father (Papa Sun) & the Cosmic Mother (Mama Gaia) of this Universe through the Tiny Space of the Heart. This connection is not in a fully activated state when you are being born, but as a child (before the age of seven) you are always naturally connected to the Akashic Records of Mother Earth to be in Oneness with all lives in this physical reality. Once we reach the age of seven, our souls will begin the journey of “planting stage”, as if we are little seeds being buried into the soil of Mother Earth to start our descension period, so that we can experience separation from all lives in this world and view ourselves as individual human beings on Earth.

As we grow older, we go through both positive and negative events, creating imbalanced Yin-Yang state in our souls’ energetic frequencies. As a seed, every soul has its own timing to sprout. When one feels ready to awaken, the Seed of Life energetic DNA Blueprint in him/her will be activated and develop into the unique Flower of Life energetic DNA Blueprint that it is supposed to become one day.