The Seed of Life

Yin-Yang Version

  • Words & Drawing / Luci
Seed of Life – Yin Yang

一顆種子誕生,然後成長開花 —— 在生命之花的中央,你總會找到生命種子,那也是生命之花的始源。最近我在蓋亞媽媽的指引下,再次繪畫生命種子。完成這個作品以後,蓋亞媽媽跟我解說,這是生命種子的太極圖版本。




At the centre of the Flower of Life, you will always find the Seed of Life. This is where the Flower of Life starts. A seed is born first, and later bloom into flowers. Recently, I was guided to draw the Seed of Life again, and after it was done, Mama Gaia explained to me that this is a Yin-Yang version of the Seed of Life.

All life forms consist of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies, to balance the internal peaceful state. The traditional Yin-Yang symbol expresses these two energies as opposite spiralling forms merged together, in which you can clearly see their black and white separate forms. But the version which Mama Gaia showed me is very different: At first glance, you may only see it as the Seed of Life, but when you take some time to observe the black and white parts in it, you will notice the two of them intertwine with each other and merge into one complete Seed of Life symbol. There’s no distinct separation among the light and dark, and that’s the beauty of it.

Imagine you have this Seed in your soul, waiting for you to nurture it. All you need to do is to seek inner-balance between your internal masculine and feminine energies. You will then be able to live in inner peace, and later bloom into the kind of Flower that is uniquely you. Ever since I’ve returned from the Egypt trip, I’ve been experiencing the joy of connecting with Mama Gaia and learning from her the wisdom of Yin-Yang and also how it’s related to the Seed of Life. I’ll be sharing more about my learning journey and my connection with Mama Gaia in the coming posts.