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常以家庭和女兒為先的Shermin,是PLUIE et PLUIE的創作人,Pluie是法文「雨」的意思,「雨和雨」來自她的中文名字「雪雯」上的兩點雨。

曾留學法國,於巴黎的Atelier Chardon Savard修讀時裝設計,和Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris主修樣板製作,被問到平常最喜歡留意哪類型的設計或品牌,她靦腆地回:「Dior和Alexander McQueen的couture。」


「那時是暑假,膽粗粗地在網上搜尋實習的機會,很幸運地被Alexander McQueen取錄了,到他們的刺繡部門工作,有機會參與季度發佈的幕後製作,摸到很亮麗的布料、鈕呀線呀!親眼看見師傅兩下手勢就用真布做起樣板來試身,然後把自己有份設計的刺繡圖案放上去,真是令我最大開眼界!雖然每天工作十多小時,一回到辦房就根據系列的主題和要求位置,不停地在牛油紙上畫畫擦擦,但當看見自己的設計成為作品的一部分,親手製作的蝴蝶伏在模特兒身上走上天橋,真的很開心!」


Shermin, who always puts her family and daughter first, is the creator of PLUIE et PLUIE. “Pluie” is French for “rain”. “Rain and rain” comes from the two raindrops in the Chinese characters of her name “雪雯”.

She pursued her studies in France previously, studying fashion design at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris and specialising in patternmaking at the Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris. When asked what kinds of designs and brands she likes to follow, she answered shyly, “Couture by Dior and Alexander McQueen.”

The question evoked fond memories of her internship at McQueen, at a time before McQueen passed away. Later, she would also attend his funeral with the entire team.

“It was the summer holidays back then. I mustered enough courage to look for internship opportunities online and was very lucky to be accepted by Alexander McQueen to work for their embroidery department. I had the chance to participate in the behind-the-scenes production of their seasonal launch and got to lay my hands on such lush fabric, buttons and yarn! To see patternmakers readily using actual fabric to create patterns for fitting, and to put embroidery patterns that I took part in designing on them, was most eye-opening for me. Although I worked for more than 10 hours every day, and as soon as I was back in the studio, I would be drawing and making erasure on tracing paper according to the collection’s themes and required placements, to see my own design forming part of the works and the butterfly I made by hand laying on the model’s body as she walked the runway, I was really happy!”

As we were talking, I also recalled my work trips in Europe, the aroma of coffee and the sound of leather shoes tapping on wooden stairs surrounding me in an old building. As we chatted away, relishing in each others’ commitment to aesthetics and elegance, our hearts bloomed.

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As life comes in many forms, we express emotions through different facial expressions too. Children are more than sweet smiley faces, and there are more to animals than cute little cats and dogs, such is Sherman’s opinion.


At night, as soon as her daughter has fallen asleep, she would sometimes take out a sketchbook to draw, or take out her threads and needles to do embroidery. It is so soothing to do as one pleases, but of course racing against deadlines is another case, as reflected sometimes by the use of colours.

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Have you learned anything from sewing?

She replied, “No matter how perfect you conjure something up to be, when you make it, eh! The outcome never ends up as you imagined it; On the contrary, sometimes as unsightly as a path might look before you, if you resolve to carry on, something beautiful might just be awaiting!”

“For example, I tried to make a fish one time, but after four attempts, I was still unable to achieve the effect I wanted. During the fourth attempt, I had been wanting to give up, but I also said to myself, ‘Never mind, just carry on!’ In the end, the outcome was not too bad!”

During her social work studies in university, she found that she was not very capable of containing others’ feelings and knew that social work was not for her. On the other hand, in order to run for leadership roles in clubs, she joined different clubs and helped out with sewing and stitching work sometimes, which she found to be very fun. After studying at an evening school for half a year, she confirmed her interest in fashion, of which she was most engaged in the production aspect, and thus flew herself to Paris.

“I believe that with a well-tailored piece of clothing, any body type would look good in it. I think that nowadays more people are looking to make less but better purchases. I also want to own a piece of clothing that I genuinely like, that feels so comfortable that even when it wears out, I would repair it in order to go on wearing it.”

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