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It should be delightful

Only feelings remain




You may have forgotten the plot of the movie you watched, but you will always remember the temperature of the tears that rolled down your cheeks. You may not remember the scenery of the country you have visited, but you will always remember the tranquility of the mountain and river. You may have left behind the love and hatred of your last relationship, but you will always remember the emptiness when you finally decided to let go.

“I held out my hand to catch the snow and tried to hold it in my palm, but when I opened my palm, all that remained was the dainty feeling of having a snowflake in my hand.” The Japanese ethnologist and poet Shinobu Orikuchi compared poem to snow; this beautiful line also seems to explain a great deal of our every day experience. Everything appears to be tremendously important when we delve into it. However, when time passes by, any experience would turn into a pool of water. Even if you try to hold onto it, water always slips away through your fingers. When Facebook tries to remind you of what happened this day a few years ago, but to you, it has become a faint memory.

The dainty feeling you have in your palms will soon turn vague. The beautiful encounter the palm had with the cold snowflake that slowly melted would be forgotten, afterwards, all that remains is an obscure sense of delight. The temperature of your tears, the tranquility of mountain and river, the emptiness of letting go… they will someday lose their weight like all kinds of experience. They will turn weightless and be blown away by the wind. When everything turns blurry, they appear to be delightful in our memory. It should be delightful.