A Thin Booklet

Thin But Rich



Picking up the last issue of A Thin Booklet, I was once again able to feel its light but resilient bundle of pages in the palm of my hands. All ten issues of this small publication were strewn across the white-plastered wall. It was as if memories from 2014 through this year were hanging before me, all pristine and delicate. As its name suggests, A Thin Booklet is physically thin and flimsy, though its contents are anything but. The pages within offer absolute freedom for friends to freely express and share their ideas on a plethora of topics and themes. So when reading through the booklet, it feels as if you’re reading someone’s secret diary entry or spontaneous musings. But the entries are also very inviting. Authors want you to understand they are expressing, though it’s okay if you don’t. The important question is whether you’re interested in knowing what someone else has to say about some familiar topics. Moreover, words like “time”, “left & right”, “language”, and “the end” can mean many different things to different people when they appear on pages in a traditional book. The booklet’s combination of words and pictures allows readers to peer inside the mind of the author in a much quicker and direct fashion.

To be perfectly candid, I have to admit that Risograph’s printing of A Thin Booklet turned out to be particularly alluring. The fluorescent red, blue, and yellow hues shine brightly on the pages. Some of the text also seem to be hidden, almost blended into the colors. All of this speaks to the publication’s absolute freedom which gives free reign to the various tastes, styles, and types of creativity. I still remember the first time I opened to the table of contents of A Thin Booklet. I saw nine perfectly square panels. After reading through the entire publication, I flipped back to the table of contents. I did some matching and found that the nine square panels were actually “screenshots” of their corresponding pages. At that moment, I suddenly realized that there were many people out there under the radar, diligently working towards something they love. You may not always notice their efforts. But if you ever do notice, I hope you’ll offer them some words of encouragement, or pat them on the back. As all of us go about our lives, we should try to cheer each other on whenever we can.