December, Seven Red Cats and Nui50’s… Merry Christmas

Art Exhibition by SHOBU



SHOBU於12月12日將走進位於東京南青山的藝廊Dee’s Hall,舉辦名為 「12月,7隻紅貓及Nui50的⋯⋯聖誕快樂」展覽。SHOBU裡其中一個院友,將自己製作的所有作品都稱為貓,說貓非貓,但她統統都看成貓。這次展覽,將展出她製作的七隻貓,還有五十件滿布院友活躍跳脫的刺繡的襯衫。歡迎來到SHOBU思想天開的世界。



Ever since I made a visit last year to SHOBU — a facility in Kagoshima for disabled people — I keep thinking what a miraculous place it is. People who entered the facility for various reasons were not confined from moving around, or be assigned with repetitive tasks so as to be “useful” to the society. In SHOUBU, the residents are free to use all the available materials for their artworks like pottery or embroidery. Their works appear so liberal and joyful that they can even bring comfort to the viewers.

For many years, SHOBU has been holding multiple exhibitions all around Japan to showcase the works made by the residents. Founded as a social welfare institute, SHOBU has recently been recognized by the government of Japan as an art institute. This status means a lot to SHOBU, especially when their exhibitions are often marketed as works created by the disabled. It has always been SHOBU’s ambition to see the public appreciating their arts without prejudice or association with their physical states. Therefore, gaining the title as an art institute is absolutely encouraging for the facility.

From 12th December, SHOBU will host an exhibition in a gallery called Dee’s Hall in Tokyo Minamiaoyama. Titled December, Seven Red Cats, and Nui50’s… Merry Christmas, the exhibition will showcase a series of work made by a resident of SHOBU who calls all her works “cats”. Be it cats or not cats, she simply sees everything as cats. In this exhibition, visitors can see the seven “cats” she made, along with fifty pieces of playfully embroidered shirts made by other residents. Welcome to the magical world of SHOBU!