Everyday Bread by Terézia Krnáčová

Weaving Connections Between Food and Art.

For centuries, bread has been an important element in the formation of early human societies. It has also become a symbol of sustenance, life and physical need in many cultures, and is a recurring motif in the Biblical tradition. Art, on the other hand, is thought by many to have a spiritual element, and practicing art is often seen as a way of nourishing the soul, just as bread feeds our physical appetites. Bread and art, not surprisingly, are two intrinsic elements of Terézia Krnáčová’s series “Everyday Bread,” which consists of six embroidered slices of bread.

Based in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, Krnáčová’s project quite literally weaves a connection between food and art as two things that sustain her in different ways. “My concept is an expression of my personal relationship with textiles,” the artist states. “I love textile art and I can‘t live a day without it. I made a composition of seven – as there are seven days in week – dry slices of bread, six of them processed by textile techniques. The seventh is just a slice of bread, as Sunday is a day of relaxation.”

數十年來,麵包一直是孕育早期人類社會的其中一個重要元素,被不同文化視為糧食、生命和身體必需品的象徵,更是傳統聖經裡反覆出現的主題。另一方面,藝術則被視為精神食糧,用以滋養心靈,正如麵包能滿足我們的口腹之慾一樣。藝術家Terézia Krnáčová最近創作的作品「Everyday Bread」,便以麵包和藝術作為內在藝術元素,在六塊麵包上繡上美麗的圖案刺繡。

以斯洛伐克Banská Bystrica為創作基地的Krnáčová,其作品將食物和藝術融合起來,兩者都是她賴以生存最重要的東西。「這件作品表達了我和布藝的密切關係。」她解釋道:「我熱愛布藝,我甚至不能一天沒有布藝。我選取了七塊麵包,代表了一星期裡的七天,其中六塊飾以不同的刺繡工藝,而第七塊為真正的麵包,因為星期日通常是我的休息日。」