Familiar but yet inexplicable sentiments

Kim Sujin


「我的靈感大多來自某些當下的感受,或是人們的行動,然後我很喜歡去思考該怎麼把那種情緒或是行為,連結到我的畫上面。」 —— 插畫家Kim Sujin


“Most of my inspirations come from certain moments that strike me, or how people react to things. I love to ponder on how to connect such emotions and behavior with my drawings,” said the illustrator Kim Sujin.

Like a quiet observer with ears widely opened to listen to the voices of others and her own, she can always capture our most familiar but yet inexplicable sentiments in a concise manner.



Always carrying a pen in her pocket and keeping an eye out for the surroundings, she only needs a few simple black lines to make illustrations anywhere. Such an improvisational style allows her to tackle any impromptu situation. “Illustrating is intrinsically a very simple and relaxing matter”. Perhaps this is like life itself, you should never force too hard, otherwise, you will just get the opposite sometimes.

Kim Sujin – hurdle


The humor seen among her works does easily resonate with us. All these familiar yet helpless situations that we have to face either voluntarily or involuntarily in life, make her illustrations a heartfelt relief. Like a coffee that wakes up a drowsy state of mind, her works can ease up your anxiety and brighten up your day.