Lakes, mountains, and clouds

Nao Tsuda



津田直的作品有著非常率真直接的特質,他並沒有刻意捕捉與別不同的風景,沒有等待最奇特的一瞬間才按下快門,他只是將眼下所見的,所感受到的,統統收在鏡頭之中。2007年,他發表名為《漕 kogi》的作品集,收錄了一系列他於滋賀縣琵琶湖北部一個已然凋零的漁村拍下的照片,在拍攝的過程裡,他沒有嘗試尋找漁村遺下的痕跡,他只拍下當下寂然的風景,任人想像它過去的繁榮。

於山梨縣的Evam Eva之中,正舉辦津田直的攝影展「Elnias Forest」。展出他花了四個月的時間,在立陶宛的森林之中拍攝下的作品,透過照片,展示出當地人與自然緊密相連的關係。

展覽日期:2018年6月9日 – 7月16日
展覽場地:evam eva yamanashi

“The most important thing about photography is not the final result; what matters is the things I see in the process of shooting,” says the photographer Nao Tsuda.

Tsuda has always been surrounded by the nature ever since childhood. When he was in kindergarten, he would go trekking with his grandfather and his friends. Up in the mountain, he would watch the morning fog disperse while listening to the elderlies narrating tales of history. Such upbringing makes him a lover of natural scenery without a surprise. Lakes, mountains, and clouds are the recurrent subjects in Tsuda’s photography.

Tsuda’s photography is earnest and sincere. He does not deliberately pursue a spectacular view, he would not wait for a magical moment to press the shutter button; all he does is to capture everything he sees, everything he feels with his camera. In Kogi that was published in 2007 is a collection of photography Tsuda captured in an abandoned fishing village located in the north of Lake Biwa of Shiga Prefecture. During his shooting process, he did not try to look for ruins of the village. He simply captured the stillness of the fishing village and leave it to the viewers to image the bygone vibrant days.

The evam eva gallery in Yamanashi Prefecture is currently hosting a Nao Tsuda exhibition named Elnias Forest. The exhibition showcases the photos Tsuda made during his four-month stay in a forest in Lithuania. The images clearly depict the inseparable relationship between the locals and the nature.

Exhibition Date: 9 June – 16 July 2018
Exhibition Venue: evam eva yamanashi