Us, on the Mother Earth

Rei Naito



七月末開始,內藤礼將在茨城的水戶藝術館舉行至今最大規模的展覽《內藤礼 ——明るい地上には あなたの姿が見える》(中譯:內藤礼 ——在光明的地上 看到你的身影),這次展覽將以光為主要元素,撒走展示室內的燈具,讓自然光成為室內的唯一光源。光是生命之源,在這空間內,我們將看見光,看見生命的源頭。

I can never forget the sensational moment in Teshima Art Museum. Droplets of water were crawling on the ground as if they were alive; when they finally merge together, they would rush to the hole on the ground hoping to return to the earth. After closing the museum for the day, the staff would wipe the floor dry, until drops of water seep from underground again the next day, like a vigorous cycle of life. In the museum, we had an encounter with water, cloud, wind, sunshine, and the generous gift from the Mother Nature. Rei Naito wanted to show to the viewers the tenderness of nature, as well as its fierce power, so as to provoke our thoughts to examine our existence among such a great power.

Existence is a recurrent theme of Naito’s works, for she would like to explore the inseparable connection human has with the universe, nature, the past, the future, the life, and the death, although these elements are never visible or audible. One Place on the Earth that was first exhibited in 1991 and Kinza that was exhibited in 2001 in Naoshima are examples of how Naito tried to wake up the inner mind of viewers through the space she constructed. Using physical experience as a bridge to connect to one’s inner mind was an unbelievably fascinating process which is beyond verbal description.

From the end of July, Rei Naito will have her biggest exhibition so far in Art Tower Mito of the Ibaraki prefecture. Her exhibition, titled ‘on this bright Earth I see you’, will use light as the key element. However, instead of artificial lighting, natural light would be the only source of light in the entire exhibition hall. Light is the origin of all being; in this space, we will see light and the origin of life.

Rei Naito: on this bright Earth I see you
Date: July 28 – October 8
Venue: Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito