The blossoming flowers

Kiiro’s cherry blossom photography




Cherry blossoms appear to be so vivid yet surreal under Kiiro’s lens. Those Japanese Cherry could be seen on the hilly path during early spring, it could also be an image from a hazy dream.

Kiiro’s subject of photography has shifted from the cherry blossoms laying on the ground to include the cherry blossoms hanging on the trees. Like most of the Japanese, Kiiro has a strong sentiment for the Japanese Cherry. He found the essence of life in their short but vibrant life cycle — a life that is fully lived, which wither after the brightest moment before its rebirth. Observing life and death, as well as disarray within a condensed life of the blooming flower has brought to Kiiro an unexplainable tranquility.

Some may appreciate the convenience brought by digital technology, while others remain attached to film cameras. Although Kiiro finds the color of digital photography overly sharp, he would not deny how convenient it is. Pinhole camera is one of the apparatus he enjoys using; he likes how light slowly flows onto the photographic paper. It is his usual practice to choose one photo made with pinhole camera and match it with hundreds of digital images. In the making he would not have an end picture in mind nor try to complete it with the help of computer, rather he would just follow his heart and collage these digital images like a sculptor. The digital photos overlap and the image gets blurry, but the photo montage with pinhole photography somehow capture the poetic nature of these trees.