The Destruction and the Origin

The Dandelion Photography by Ryuji Taira





Dandelion is delicate yet strong. When the wind blows, it scatters the seeds of its life to the faraway land and let them thrive. Dandelion is a common theme in the works of photographer Ryuji Taira. Under his lens, dandelion becomes something greater than a usual plant; in this plant that you cannot even hold in your hand, lies a magical and incredible realm.

“During my childhood, I frequently pondered, ‘Where did I come from and where am I going?’ Attempting to find answers, I ran around the hills and fields…” In his biography, Taira mentioned how he goes to the wood to pick flowers, catch insects and catch fishes from the river. Observing the nature gives him the greatest pleasure where he can in turn learn more about himself.

To him, even when looking at the same object, everyone can have drastically different interpretations. Some see alphabets from the moving cloud, while others see animals. Ripples look like a crown to some, but others would see a milky way. Two photographers can never make identical pictures of the same object, because photography is the looking glass that reflects the difference among people.

Looking at the delicate charm of dandelion, Taira was inspired to seek a new beginning for himself. The dandelions in his photography are sometimes complete and sometimes imperfect. There are also ones that are rushing to start their next life. The subtle relationship between life and death, between the destruction and origin of creation… In his photography of dandelion, he faintly expresses his view on nature and on life.