The Love Matters of Light

Kishin Shinoyama Photography Exhibition







“Photography and light are inextricably connected; therefore any good photographer must have a very keen eye for light.” In July last year, Kishin Shinoyama shot a series of architectural photography and portraits called “The Love Matters of Light” using the Museum of Light / Clave Galerie as the backdrop. The elements that attracted him to pick this very museum designed by Tadao Ando are probably the lights and shadows provided by its structure.

However, among the many works of Tadao Ando, why it had to be this small gallery in Yamanashi prefecture? Kishin Shinoyama did provide an answer to this. “Despite its small size, space is wisely used. Every part of the area has its own function, so nothing is redundant. The natural light that seeps through the crack creates an intimate mood which can even associate with an erotically funky vibe. This is just an extraordinary building.”

Kishin Shinoyama specializes in portraits. I still remember Shinoyama running a photography series called “Human Relationship” in the Brutus magazine. Each episode would feature two people as the subject of photography. Even without reading the interview, one can already tell the relationship between the two from the ways they posed, their facial expressions, the intimate gestures as well as the subtle chemistry between them. Shinoyama visualized the intangible connections between the subjects by capturing particular moments through his lens.

This time at the Museum of Light – Clave Galerie, Shinoyama tries to portray the vital spirit of buildings. This concrete structure also breathes and has heartbeats like any living creature. The series shot inside the gallery goes beyond just a look into the relationship between people and architecture, or as light and shadow. It’s more about a manifestation of how two different living objects can interact with other each while generating a mesmerizing kind of charisma.

“The Love Matters of Light” is now being exhibited at the Museum of Light / Clave Galerie until 27th January 2019.