Connected by Paper

Knoop Works


日本紙品品牌Knoop Works的概念,是希望在虛擬世界已是溝通主要方式的年代裡,自家商品能夠更有溫度地連結著人們。Knoop是荷蘭語,是「繩結」的意思,正好表達Knoop Works的想法。

Knoop Works大部分商品都是與郵遞相關的,最基本的如印有地址表格的信封,另外,也有些想法嶄新的,例如用來填寫地址及收件人名字的貼紙,當你寄出任何形狀的信件或包裹時,用上它就能便郵件更為整潔精美;印有「Thank You」的貼紙;像Postal Code空格、指示剪裁線的「Cut Here」印章等等。另一方便,也有一些業務性質的商品,例如收據、用來整理收據的信封等,很適合自己開店,而講究各種芝麻綠豆的人。

Knoop Works的商品有趣而不過於可愛,任何年齡、性別都合用。

The Japanese designer Fumio Tachibana once jokingly said, although the usage of paper is getting increasingly eliminated, paper itself would never become obsolete, as people can never get rid of toilet paper. Paper still has an irreplaceable importance in our daily life. Regardless of the advancement in digital communication, the impulse to write letters with pen and paper would never disappear, as it is a unique way to cordially express one’s mind.

The Japanese paper product brand Knoop Works hopes their product can be a more heartfelt medium to connect people in this digital age where communication is usually done in the virtual reality. Knoop is a Dutch word that means “knot”, which is a perfect choice of word to articulate the idea of Knoop Works.

Most of Knoop Works’s products are related to the postal service — with simple products such as envelopes with an address field, or something more creative like a sticker for filling in address and the name of recipient. One can neatly apply the sticker on letters or packages in any size and shape. Other products include a “thank you” sticker, and a stamp that helps you to mark a “cut here” dotted line. Another line of products that aims at business operation includes receipt and envelopes for organizing receipts. Small business owners who need to work systematically would find them very useful.

The design of Knoop Works is playful yet not overly cute, which suits any age group and gender.