Perfection Requires No Change


各位同學,今天生物課要介紹的是「弓鰭魚」(amia calva)。這種從侏羅紀時代就存在的凶猛魚類,是地球上最古老的生物之一。而單單只有古老也不足為奇,奇在弓鰭魚竟是整個弓鰭魚目之中,唯一能存活到現在的物種。我們經常說「去蕪存菁」,那麼這條獨獨能留下來的弓鰭魚,大抵就是最精銳、最完美的代表了。

Dear students, in today’s biology class we will learn about bowfin fish (amia calva). This ferocious fish has existed since the Jurassic era and is one of the oldest creatures on earth. Being an old fossil is one thing, but what really makes the bowfin fish special is that it’s the only species of the Amiidae family of primitive fish that survives to the present. Bowfin fish might be the best proof to the saying “survival of the fittest.”


Amiacalva, a bag brand from Japan with a name and fish-shaped logo derived from the bowfin fish. On the brand’s website it says, “…in terms of design and functionality, [we] are like this ancient fish. From the very beginning till now, there is no need for Amiacalva to change.” Browsing through their product catalog, you will probably agree that the statement they made is true; all their bags have a basic yet classic design with an attention to detail, and they are carefully made by hand by skillful artisans.

物料方面可謂品牌強項,除擁有經典的「60/40 canvas」系列,即60%棉、40%的尼龍混合物料,是上世紀中旬戶外活動者常用的物料;另外,品牌使用的植揉皮革也是精挑細選,其長期與創業於上世紀30年代的TOCHIGI LEATHER (栃木レザー)合作,其名字在日本的皮革圈內是「高品質」的同義詞,可證他們對品質的嚴謹。

The brand scores high in terms of materials used. Their classic “60/40 canvas” series adopts the 60% cotton and 40% nylon blend material which was commonly used in outdoor gear back in the middle of the last century. In addition, the brand has a long-standing relationship with the renowned Tochigi Leather that was founded in the 1930s. The use of Tochigi’s supreme quality vegetable kneaded leather proves the brand’s devotion to high quality.

至於「Artificial Fiber」,也是品牌的得意系列之作,使用發明人是Burberry創辦人Thomas Burberry,因為使用經緯紗線交錯紡織,所以能提供防風和防潑水性,經常被用於二戰前後的軍大衣上。看品牌都使用古早的設計、古早的材質,卻又這麼富當代感,這就像弓鰭魚的存在一般;好的東西本身不用改變,最好還能一直保留下來。

For Amiacalva’s most accomplished series, the “Artificial Fiber,” it adopts the most iconic gabardine fabric invented by Burberry’s founder Thomas Burberry. The unique weaving method provides the fabric with wind and water repellency which made it a great jacket for soldiers during World War II. Even though Amiacalva adopts traditional designs using classic materials, their products utilize a contemporary style. Amiacalva’s existence as a bag maker is similar to that of the bowfin fish: good things need not be changed.