Sakura Coat

by EEL Products


不是鰻魚,不是Eel,而是EEL Products,全稱其實是Easy Earl Life Products,翻譯起來就是「休閒的伯爵生活」了。

It’s not eel, not our friend who lives in the sea. We are talking about EEL products, full name Easy Earl Life Products, meaning living a laid-back life with quality.


成立自2003年,基地位於東京目黑區的EEL Products,在創辦後這十七年間,品牌沒有泛起什麼波瀾,一直平平淡淡,有人可能覺得就是一個平庸的時裝品牌,然而在他們的經營方針而言,生產出設計符合通用性的,容易穿搭的服飾,同時又在基礎造型上,帶來些許的變奏,才是EEL Products的品牌宗旨。而雖然不住地強調服飾的基礎感,但他們確實把基礎做得一絲不苟,所以才能做到基礎但不平庸,這點大概可以從品牌的定番商品中反映出來。

Founded in 2003, EEL Products is based in Meguro, Tokyo. Throughout these 17 years, there haven’t been many ups and downs for the brand. Some may think that it is an ordinary brand, yet their brand vision is to create versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched, and also adding variety to basic staples. The brand’s dedication to classic shapes is reflected on their permanent collection, where they turn ordinary pieces into exceptional items.


在品牌所有定番商品中,「Sakura Coat」是其中最有名氣,同時又是我最喜歡的單品。中長板的單排扣設計,領口可翻開立起,為寒風下的脖子保暖,不難發現當中的工裝基因,而整體的廓型,也有點像上世紀初歐洲鐵路工人的外套造型。不過說到這件外套最打動我的地方,倒是品牌在各種細節上的考量。

The “Sakura Coat” is the most popular item from the brand’s permanent collection. The coat’s classic workwear details –mid-length single-breasted and popped collar for warmth in colder months –with the overall shape, comes together as European railway workwear from the last century. Yet the most remarkable features lie in the details of the coat.


「Sakura Coat」使用「馬匹棉」為主物料,這種超長纖維棉,只佔世界總棉產量中的3%,是屬於棉料中的奢侈品,雖然隔著螢幕摸不到,不過單從照片中外套的光澤感,以及布料那微皺的質感,就能斷定不是平庸的物料。除此以外最吸引我的,就是那立體渾圓的鈕扣,平常可能不明顯,但只要把外套扣起來時,一顆顆鈕扣就成為整件單色外套中,不大不小,一種剛剛好的點綴。花去大量筆墨形容細節,不過談到EEL Products最美好的地方,仍然在於它的的平凡和通用性。

The “Sakura Coat” is made from pima cotton. Pima cotton is a luxurious type of cotton prized for it’s particularly long fibre, it is so rare that it only makes up 3% of the world’s total cotton production. Even without physical touch, you can see from the shine and slight wrinkle of the coat that this is a premium material. The perfectly round buttons is yet another impressive feature. It may seem ordinary, but once the coat is buttoned up, each button becomes a shiny little embellishment. The best of EEL Products is exactly why we talk about the details so much, because of their attention to basics and versatility.

穿「Sakura Coat」時,無論你搭的是長袖TEE、襯衫、毛衣,而甚至是帽TEE都很合適,是相當萬用的款式,曾推出過許多不同的色款、限定版,甚至有兒童版的「Sakura Coat Kodomo」。誠然不僅止是「Sakura Coat」,品牌還有許多的服飾商品,都在在地突顯他們的通用哲學,均是穿搭容易、品質上乘,肯定不難找到對你胃口的設計。

The “Sakura Coat” is so versatile that you can find yourself wearing it with long-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, knits and even hoodies. The brand has launched this universal item in various colors and limited editions, there was also “Sakura Coat Kodomo” a version for children as well. The brand’s emphasis on versatility and quality is weaved throughout their products. “Sakura Coat” aside, there is definitely something for everybody.