Finding the Secrets of Traditional Craftsmanship

Secrets of Russia by COMPANY


選物店Salakauppa的主理人Aamu Song和Johan Olin同為創意品牌COMPANY的設計師,喜歡周遊列國尋找不同國家的「秘密」為設計靈感,至今已推出以韓國、比利時、愛沙尼亞、日本、芬蘭和俄羅斯等為主題的「Secrets」系列。他們所說的「秘密」就是當地傳統的工藝,二人遊走各國最核心的工藝發源地,學習製作當地傳統的工藝品,並融入創意與想像,利用當地的物料和聘請巧手的工匠,製作出獨一無二的工藝品。

在設計Secrets of Russia系列時,Aamu深入生產俄羅斯傳統工藝品的集中地Semenov,當地以製作Khokhloma繪畫和俄羅斯娃娃而著名,學習到基本的技巧後,Aamu把北歐簡潔的風格和品牌幽默的元素融入設計中,如Tree of Seasons把四季的風景都盡收於大小不一的木製樹中,並加入動物於樹中遊走,設計簡潔又可愛;而色彩斑斕的Fruit Matryoshka中的啤梨和桃好像從油畫中走出來般立體又有層次,葡萄則畫得很隨心。系列充滿當地的傳統特色,同時又不乏新鮮意念,把俄羅斯的「秘密」以現代手法重新呈現出來。

Next to the railway station in the Finnish capital Helsinki, there is a little glass hut called Salakauppa. Standing quietly on a busy street, the shop showcases decorations and accessories from all around the world, as if it is a chest that keeps the world’s treasures.

Salakauppa is a boutique shop run by Aamu Song and Johan Olin. Doubling as the designers of the creative brand COMPANY, the two of them loves traveling to different countries to discover “secrets” as inspirations for their new products. The “Secrets” series has already covered Korea, Belgium, Estonia, Japan, Finland, and Russia. By “secrets”, the duo is, in fact, looking for the very origin of the traditional crafts of the country. They would blend the traditional craftsmanship with their own creativity and imagination. The end products are unique handicraft pieces that are made using local materials with the help from skillful artisans.

When designing the “Secrets of Russia” collection, Aamu visited the Russian town Semenov which is famous for their traditional manufacturing skills. There, she learned the basic skills for making Khokhloma painting and Matryoshka doll. Later on, she blended the technique into the minimalistic and humourous Scandinavian design ideas to create various items. “Tree of Seasons” puts the four seasons and some animals onto the wooden little trees to create simple but adorable decorative items. The colorful pears and peaches from “Fruit Matryoshka” are as vivid as in an oil painting, while the grapes were drawn in an abstract and liberal way. The collection not only brought the traditional skills to life, it also successfully presented the Russian “secrets” in a contemporary manner through a dash of creativity.


A factory located in Semenov. Factory workers are making Matryoshka dolls.

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