Kneading Life into the Pottery Clay

Jenni Tuominen

夏季於度假別墅化身成園藝師,秋季則到森林裡採磨菇和漿果,熱愛大自然的芬蘭視覺藝術家Jenni Tuominen,無論是生活或創作都與大自然緊密連繫,以抽象的圖案和明亮的色彩演繹心中童趣率真的大自然,作品總給人一種溫暖窩心的印象。

Jenni的風格形成,可追溯至媽媽對marimekko的喜愛,家裡掛著由日藉設計師Katsuji Wakisaka為品牌設計的廚房窗簾自小潛移默化地影響Jenni,而Katsuji更成為她的啟蒙老師,影響她日後的創作風格。最終Jenni成為了marimekko的插畫師,也算是一種美麗的意外。

During the summer months she is a gardener in a villa, whereas in autumn time, she goes into the wood to pick mushrooms and berries. This is Jenni Tuominen, the Finnish visual artist whose great love for nature is manifested through both her lifestyle and art. Created by abstract patterns and bright colors, Tuominen’s works have introduced us to an adorable world of nature that is playful, genuine, and heartfelt.

From her mother’s love for the Finnish brand Marimekko to the kitchen curtain by the Japanese designer Katsuji Wakisaka hanging in Jenni’s childhood home, they all have a strong influence in developing Tuominen’s style; Wakisaka himself is also an inspiration for Tuominen’s design. It is then a beautiful coincidence that Tuominen has later become one of the Marimekko’s illustrators.


In recent years, Tuominen has shifted her focus to ceramics. Using animals and nature as theme, she has created a series of ceramic decoration in simple designs and basic color tones that feature mainly black, white and grey. Placing these decorative items on chunky wooden stands, they are presented in a somehow casual and unpretentious way. In the collection there is as well a chubby lady who parts her hair to the right; this is, in fact, Tuominen herself. This little figure invites viewers to imagine how she wears a smile as she kneads love into the pottery clay.

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