With sincerity, the potter composes a melody.

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「我們在日常生活中會與很多不同的聲音相遇。如果文字是音符,我們每天就像在歌唱。」熊淵未紗這樣想著,然後在2010年創立了陶器品牌命名為mushimegane books,以人與聲為靈感,希望陶器能像音樂,傳到不同人心上。

“We come across various types of sound in our daily life. If words were musical notes, they make our days filled with music.” This thought has inspired Misa Kumabuchi to found her ceramic brand mushimegane books in 2010. She wishes ceramics can reach the hearts of people like music.

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Kumabuchi would first collect seashells, coral, and sandstone; afterward, she would grind them into powder and mix them into the glaze. The ceramic tableware she makes are, therefore, a little bit coarse on the surface. All the materials come from nature, they went on different paths but finally got to reunite again. Some of her tableware have a surface that resembles a piece of marble stone. Looking at the cracks, one would imagine they were made by a powerful impact on the surface. The cracks spread out like the ripple effect when a stone hits the surface of the water.

Before using a new kind of clay, Kumabuchi would spend time understanding its characteristics. She prefers making ceramic tableware that can reflect the authenticity of the clay itself. She always judges how to handle the clay based on her gut feeling and intuition. Clay is as warm as our heart, only by treating it with sincerity can the potter compose a melody that can be heard by others.

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“The melody you play for the usual days is the spices to life.”

Ceramic tableware are everyday objects. They can be present at ordinary occasions, as well as the most significant and special moments. Kumabuchi wishes her ceramics can become objects that people find interesting or things that can remind them of some important memories. If every encounter is destiny, picking up an object that you are fond of might as well be a destined path.

Wrote Kumabuchi,

“Between the sky and the earth,
The sprout of a lotus is lying in your palm.
Together, we collect beautiful flowers.”

I wish we could collect beautiful things together.

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