What makes leaves beautiful?






There is something unusual in the serenity: a leaf was bitten by an insect and fell onto the ground; the fallen leaf caught his curiosity, so he picked it up. The leaf was almost falling apart but, to him, it was a precious treasure.

I went a bit closer, it looked like tiny bits of leaves and anthers as light as a feather floating in the air, appearing partly translucent when the light shined on it.

“Nature is intrinsically beautiful.”



These Japanese amulets have a different appearance from those we usually see. They have the shape of a bird’s nest that I would not know they were amulets if no one told me so. I would have imagined them as broken leaves rolled into a ball. “Someone once gave me an amulet. I can never forget how warm and grateful I felt.” He always wants to present the idea of freedom through a representation of nature, which is where his love lies.

Poppyseeds is a florist founded by Rentaro and Yukiko Koreeda. Their products range from home decorations, accessories, garden, to exterior and interior design. The two named their brand Poppyseeds as they love poppy seed cake, and they just simply like the pronunciation of the word. Outside of their house is a vast garden area, which Rentaro sees as his little forest.




Interacting with unpredictable things, one learns to listen to the voice of nature and one’s own self. This is how we can transform our creativity into an artwork. “Time goes by as we welcome the arrival of another season, the color of our work changes as well. When the flowers wither, we wish the owner could still remember the floral design was once an idea of a person.”

“What makes leaves beautiful? What makes flowers beautiful? Beauty is a pure concept that can be determined by myself.”