Glittering In The City

Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys Diary

「我的作品比較想和人溝通,希望是普通人看得明的⋯⋯透過作品,我想與其他人有連結,觸動到其他人的心。」的確,如Kila所說,他的作品都很「貼地」。Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys的計劃又如Diary裡描述的過程一樣,切實地進入了社區,與不同的人交流、溝通著。三十個Little Guys在Diary中被詳細地介紹,所有事情其實只由「想像」開始。Diary仔細訴說Kila、拍檔Amber以及一閃一閃的角色在城市中的縫隙之間遊走的遊歷,沒有詳盡的計劃也沒有前設,就是踏實的、憑著直覺在走著。「好像沒有關係,但其實又很有關係……生活中好像最重要的是節儉。哈哈哈⋯⋯我不知道算不算啊。」坦率的他語畢吃吃傻笑著,那刻我在驚訝於他既勇於想像又現實,充滿童真的心底裡總想起冷靜頭腦的叮嚀。

“My creations intend to communicate with others, and hope to be understood by ordinary people…Through my work, I hope to connect with other people and to touch their heart.” As Kila has noted himself, his creations are very down-to-earth. The project of Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys, as described in Diary, practically goes inside the community to interact and communicate with different people. Diary introduces the thirty Little Guys in great detail. In fact, everything begins with “imagination”. Diary details the journey of Kila, his partner Amber, and the twinkling characters through different corners of the city. Without a detailed plan or any presumptions, they move forward following their instinct. “It seems unrelated, but in fact, it is, to a great extent….It would seem the most important thing in life is frugality…Hahaha, I’m not sure if this counts…” Kila, who is used to speaking his mind, began to giggle after finishing his sentence.  At that moment, I was surprised at his courage to imagine without straying far from reality. At the bottom of his playful heart lies a composed mind that keeps him in line.


In our conversation, I remember clearly hearing him say on numerous occasions “I don’t know why Hong Kong…” In the face of one after another strange circumstances, he only found them paradoxical and felt more and more helpless. But when we were talking about our city, Hong Kong, he spoke with a firmer tone than that with any other topics, to the point that it would seem he is a devout believer: “If you have a deep relationship or connection with a person, such as your mother, girlfriend or good friend, you will accept them as they are, including both their good and bad parts. The same goes for Hong Kong. Even though we are living in rather bad times now, we will accept and try to go through it together…” It escapes me why he feels shy, but this big boy here would rather explain to me with ten examples, without bringing himself ever to utter the word “love”. Later on, we had a discussion about a kind of waiting — waiting for those limitations that can be put to good use for nurturing another type of creativity, hoping that one day these invisible seeds will one day grow to become trees that provide shade.

「如果有一個Little Guy可以變為真實,我會選小地藏,因為他代表我最原始的想法,他有法力或者能力讓人人都平安就好了。」他的善良及率真,比普通的警示燈都更要閃亮一點點。

“If I could turn one Little Guy into something real, I would choose the Little Jizo Buddhist statue because he represents my most original thoughts. I wish he had the miraculous power or ability to keep everyone safe and sound.” His kind heart and sincerity flickers more brightly than any other warning lights.