A Little Bit of Green


Tanicushion的創辦人之一鎌田美希子給自己的取了一個很有趣的頭銜——Plant Director。她是設計這系列靠墊的人,但她其實也沒有設計任何東西,真正的創作者是大自然,主角是自然裡美麗的植物。而鎌田美希子的工作,就是尋找富吸引力的植物,為它們拍下照片,並請日本製作被褥的工匠,手工製作成一個個柔軟的靠墊。



As one of the founders of Tanicushion, Mikiko Kamada gave herself an interesting title as “plant director”. Kamada may have designed this series of cushion, but ultimately it is the nature that has created these beautiful plants. Kamada’s job is to photograph these plants that catch her attention, and let the Japanese bedding artisans to handcraft these comfy cushions.

Mikiko Kamada has done some research on plants for her master degree, where she realized many city dwellers love to decorate their living space with cactus and succulent plants. People believe these species require low level of attention, this is however not a correct presumption — the small apartment size in metropolis is in fact not ideal for the plants; apart from that, the lack of sunshine, bad ventilation, inappropriate humidity and temperature can make the plants sick or even die. Seeing this situation, Kamada came up with the idea of replacing the living plants with the inanimate cushions. Tanicushion brings similar greenness to the apartment while requiring no human attention at all.

The greenness from Tanicushion is after all a mere colour. It cannot alter the environment and has no ability to purify air. Its appearance however reminds people that plants are as alive as pets, minding them with care is a duty that everyone has to fulfil when owning plants.