Anonymous Letter Library

A letter to a fictional character

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寫一封信,不留姓名,把它寄到小說的主角面前。這是「S Letter Project」,匿名郵箱計劃。是日本小說家佐々木新(ARATA SASAKI)去年推出的短篇小說《漂流》個展,而延伸出一個同步進行的活動。小說內容訴說現代社會的多樣化與複雜,人的自我很容易被忽視,與他人之間更難互相理解。一種在群體裡的困縛與失落。

Write a letter addressed to no one, then send it to the protagonist of a novel — this is the anonymous letter campaign called S Letter Project. The project evolved from the solo exhibition Arata Sasaki did last year on his novella Drifting. The novella narrates a story set against the backdrop of our diversified and complex modern day society. Being trapped in a collective, one can easily forget their true nature, whereas interpersonal relationship can also be superficial.

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The writer invited his readers to send a letter to his mailbox anonymously. After receiving the letters, Sasaki will reply on Instagram on behalf of his protagonist in Drifting. The anonymous letters will also be exhibited for public viewing. Not only will the old letters be replaced by the new ones, the setup and decorations will also be changed from time to time.


Since the anonymous letters are addressed to nobody, viewers can readily identify themselves with the writing. Seeing familiarity from these letters is like finding your own self in the life of other people. Some of the letters are about the vulnerability experienced by the writers, some others are beautiful encounters or embarrassing stories. Sometimes it is easier to open up yourself when you are with total strangers who you do not expect to meet again. Through a fictional character, Sasaki is connecting many anonymous beings in real life. To read others’ letters or to be read by others, either way can have a therapeutic effect on us. This is perhaps what Sasaki wants to achieve through his anonymous letter library.