Appreciating Nature in Tranquility






“All of a sudden, I realised I haven’t been to any art gallery for quite some years. I even lost the desire to check out art exhibitions.” said my artist friend who moved into the mountains a few years ago. Living and working in the forest, he has the privilege to wander in the woods and admire the beautiful art created by nature. There can never be an artist who is more talented than nature. No artwork made by human can be more delicate and inspiring than what is seen in nature.

Mokuyousha is a tree care company in Chino-She of Nagano Prefecture in Japan. They specialise in tree pruning, plant health care, tree planting, as well as taking care of private gardens. As an expert of nature, they see beauty not only in vibrant forests, but they also see the charm of the dead twigs and withered leaves. “We work in forests, parks, shrine and gardens, basically anywhere that plants grow. We are being with plants all year round. The beauty and vulnerability, toughness and elegance, these faces of nature as seen in the extreme and mild natural environment are always a wonder to us.” Hoping to pass the pleasure to a wider audience, Mokuyousha decided to launch the brand Yaso.

Every piece of Yaso’s products is unique, as they all come from the forests. When working in the woods, Mokuyousha would pick up fallen branches that got blown off by wind and rain, or those that fell simply because they were already dead. Some of them have a dull color, while some others are still bright and vivid; some leaves look perfect, the others are ruined by insects. No matter how they look, they are all evidence of the loveliness of nature.

The plant sold by Yaso comes with a small card that marks the year and location where it was picked up. “We wish by placing this in your living room, it can help you to feel being closer to the woods. If this can remind you of the preciousness of mountains and forests, Yaso has succeeded in doing something meaningful,” says Yaso explaining their belief.