The outlines of modernism





kapok – crafted in hong kong

Whether we are speaking in terms of technological development or sentimental value, a timepiece is always attached to profound symbolic meanings. By looking at how the hour- and minute-hand tick through the marks, we seem to be able to grasp the trajectory of life as well as its intrinsic transformation, simply by grasping time itself.

Founded by a French duo, the Hong Kong-based brand AUTEUR has recently premiered its first season of products, with a design concept inspired by the outlines of contemporary European architecture as well as the Japanese dedication to product details. The three series launched are named CIRCLES, REVOLUTION, and MOONLIGHT.

Both the CIRCLES and REVOLUTION series are equipped with Swiss quartz movements. The former is a tribute to the aesthetics of modernism. The watch’s outline is a perfect curve of ultimate minimalism without any lug. The design highlight is eliminating the crown, so the time is set at the back of the watch. REVOLUTION features the same trick for the crown but is outlined by a solid walnut wood bezel, adding a soft and natural feel. Whereas MOONLIGHT, which uses Japanese quartz movements, is inspired by the moon’s rough surface and features a monochrome dial plate that is made of a single engraved pattern. With an ultra-thin case, the watch is full of a discreet charm and elegance.

kapok – crafted in hong kong
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