Clothing that tells a story




由一個故事展開一段奇幻之旅,法國品牌ÉCOLE DE CURIOSITÉS仿佛帶我們穿越時光隧道,走進十九世紀末至二十世紀初的法國,遇見穿著羅馬尼亞式的復古襯衫或是率性工人服的Lydia,訴說內心敏感細膩的情感和如幻似真的故事。每一件衣服都盛著它獨特的故事,它的生命超越了時空的限制,與歲月一樣悠長。系列的風格帶點上世紀的文藝色彩,配上簡潔俐落的剪裁,浪漫細膩中不失現代感,更具可穿性。

“That afternoon, I was sitting in front of my master wearing a vintage Romanian blouse that he favors.”

 “How many summers has it been? I have spent countless afternoons sitting on the terrace, facing him and the easel in his atelier. The bright white sun caresses the moist sea breeze into the studio.”

The French brand ÉCOLE DE CURIOSITÉS has created a magical journey through a story. It leads us into a time machine that brings us all the way back to France between late 19th to early 20th century. There, we saw Lydia in her vintage Romanian blouse or unpretentious workwear, narrating her delicate mind and magical stories. Every item from the collection has its unique story to tell, they transcend time and space to reach eternity. The collection tries to revive European fashion from the previous century. Not only is the fit sleek and simple, the design is as well dreamy yet modern that is highly wearable.

一向以藝術和文學作為創作靈感,品牌直接採用了1910至1950年代的書籍變裝成時尚的手袋。工藝師把書的內頁掏空,並把舊領呔製成內裡,以黃銅製作的扣子相連兩本書,成為首個配飾系列La Bouquiniste。書本上粗糙破損的痕跡充滿真實的歷史感,書封面的材質、顏色、字款及圖案都散發出一陣古典文藝的氣息;加上精湛造工,令每一個手袋變得獨一無二,像藝術品般珍貴。

Literature has always been an inspiration for the brand, They even transformed antique books dating from the 1910s to 1950s into clutch bags. Vintage neckties are used as lining on the inside of the hollowed books. Then two vintage books are then attached together by a brass frame and clasp to become the brand’s debut accessory collection La bouquiniste. The rough and ragged cover of the books is a vivid representation of the historical quality. Moreover, its material, color, font type and pattern together bring out a classy and artsy style that makes each handbag unique like a precious artwork.


One page from the very book comes along with the clutch bag. With a brass chain, the clutch can also be used as a shoulder bag.

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