Every little thing matters



Do you find happiness an irreplaceable thing in your life? If so, every little thing matters. They can bring you a subtle yet tranquil comfort in the most unexpected way; even a temporary serenity can smooth out the bumps in your life.


“Do you still remember how you were completely at ease with a crayon in your hand? You never had to think about matching colors or the composition of drawing — all you did was to enjoy seeing different colors appearing on the originally blank white piece of paper. If we can preserve this childhood innocence after becoming an adult, we will never be too different from our authentic self.” Ever since her childhood, Mia has enjoyed hiding in a corner observing the pattern and structure of a piece of ore. The handmade soap and candles of her also bear the face of an ore. Perhaps, it is reasonable to say one’s passion for a certain thing does retain.


Mia owns a small manufacturing business called nag.19. She makes soap, candles, candle holders and pottery, all of which exude a calm peacefulness. Using simple and basic material to record the unobvious details of her everyday life, these works are part of her, they are as well part of the ore she played with as a child. This is how she discreetly lives in harmony with herself. When dragging your half-awake body out of the bed in the morning, the sweet smell of the fresh toast somehow satisfies your intangible need like a tender caress. All these random little things that can be found everywhere are a source of comfort that eases your mind and your body. When you are finally doing what you truly enjoy, merely the minor daily routine can become the reasons that make you happy.