Pound cakes are very interesting




The plate presentation is a clear demonstration of the love for antiques. Matched with various types of cake, it could be a mundane scenario of everyday life found in any family, like their breakfast tables or their midnight sofas.

home.rond is the brand name of a cake shop run by one person. Using the English word “home” and “rond”, the French word for round, the brand endeavors to bake homey pound cakes that are made using all-natural ingredients without chemical additives like baking powder. Their cakes are simple yet indulging. Insisting on not using baking powder, the brand has given up a convenient way of making the cake fluffy. Although the texture is slightly different from those that we are used to, her technique of beating eggs into a foamy state still gives the pound cake a naturally fluffy texture.




“Pound cakes are very interesting. Even if you bake with the exact amount of the same sorts of ingredients, you can still achieve different texture or even taste by adopting diverse ways of making.” She is a fan of produce from small farms, and she is keen on experimenting with seasonal flavors. She obtained chemical-free lemon from the Ligang Township in Pingtung, blackberries, and pumpkins from her family’s farm, and cruelty-free eggs as ingredients for her cakes. While it is true that this would increase the cost and effort in making the cakes, every choice of hers clearly conveys her care for the land, animals, and the health of all humans. “I genuinely believe that by being kind to Mother Earth, we will receive her most sincere response by getting to know the beauty of farm produce and the natural habitat.”

She also started to make her own packaging when seeing the need to reduce the use of plastic bags when selling cakes in markets. What she did was to sew small bags with baking paper and let the end of the thread run loose like a little tail. These are all simple yet heartfelt traces of products handmade by someone who is dedicated to her beliefs.

The cakes do not only warm our body but also warm our souls.