Premium Coffee Equipment from Niigata


喜歡日本生活道具的讀者,大概對「燕三条」(新潟縣燕市和三条市的合稱)不會感到陌生,其作全國最大的金屬食器生產重鎮,孕育過不少獨具匠心的生活道具品牌,包括近年名聲傳遍海外的CASUAL PRODUCT系列。至於這次要介紹的「仔犬印」,同樣也來自「燕三条」,則是另一個擁有悠久歷史的金屬食器職人品牌。

正如CASUAL PRODUCT是青芳製作所的子品牌,「仔犬印」則來自本間製作所,名字的含意是希望產品能像小狗一樣獲得大家愛戴。「仔犬印」的產品型錄包羅萬有,上至鍋碗瓢盆,下至廚房用的垃圾桶都是品牌生產品項,然而論到最著名的,還得數「仔犬印」的咖啡用具系列。

Those who are fond of Japanese household goods are probably familiar with “Tsubame-sanjo” (a collective name of the cities of Tsubame and Sanjo in Niigata). It is the largest producer of metal tableware in Japan, and it has nurtured many profoundly unique and innovative brands over the years. Among which, CASUAL PRODUCT has gained a tremendous international reputation in recent years, and KOINU stands out for its rich and long history.

While CASUAL PRODUCT is a sub-brand of the Aoyoshi Co., Ltd., KOINU comes from the Honma Co., Ltd.. The name KOINU means puppy in Japanese, and it carries the anticipation that their products will be loved by everyone just as people love puppies. KOINU has a vast catalogue that includes everything from pots and pans to kitchen trash cans. Yet, when it comes to the most popular product, the praise for the KOINU coffee equipment series is well deserved.


The coffee pot and teapot above are both made of stainless steel with a matte finishing that helps to soften the rigidity of the metalware. The pot body looks as if it is cast as a whole, but in fact, the handle is carefully designed to prevent heat transfer, and the spout is welded on with such perfection that the welding mark could hardly be seen on the surface. These represent a perfect testimony to craftsmanship. In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the coffee pot and teapot, and therefore purchase decisions can be made based on personal preferences. The spout has a moderate width that can gracefully handle different scenarios in pour over brewing, and with a sturdy body design, brewing is always steadier and safer.

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