What spurred my epiphany?





所以最近是哪點讓我打開了門呢?大概是一直以為只是為了更好才會需要的額外,卻原來是最基本。世界觀便狠狠地扭轉了。他們只有face oil和潔淨泥兩款保養品,非常簡。創辦人Dr. David Scherf說,皮膚其實不需要cream類型的東西,用這一瓶油就夠了。

Natural is better. But then again, natural isn’t necessarily better. The body responds faster than the heart, or rather not faster, but more honest.

Cuts and grazes are easily concealed by clothing. Once you’re in the shower, though, you’d still weep in pain. That was one afternoon from my childhood memories. My body already knew.

If the skin is like a castle, to put it metaphorically, “Battlements must be defended. Your skin, as it is now, is a bare fortification.”

What spurred my epiphany? Perhaps the understanding that what we deem superfluous in our pursuit of the better is, in fact, the very basics. That completely changed the way I saw the world. A maximal minimalist, Less boats a skincare line of just two products – cleansing clay and face oil. According to founder Dr. David Scherf, our skin does not benefit from the excessive use of creams and lotions. All we need is a bottle of oil.






Rumi — “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”


After shower, the skin is still moist. Gently dab the face to remove excessive moisture. Add a half to a full pipette of Less face oil to the palms and gently massage it into the wet face. The face oil mixes with the water and both are quickly absorbed by the skin. Though, it wasn’t like that for me at first; I made the rookie mistake of applying the oil straight to my wet face. It’s funny to live in a constant state of self-doubt: “Am I doing this right?” Every morning when I woke up, I looked for signs of change in my body and adjusted my Less ritual accordingly, tangoing my way back to childlike ignorance. The day I finished a bottle of oil, I realised: it’s so little that I use, but what a difference it makes to my virtually non-existent self-care.

A pipette of oil more, or a drop of water less – these are minuscule adjustments that define everyone’s favourite recipes. Indeed, skincare is very much like cooking.

The body ebbs and flows. When our body doesn’t feel ready, even a day or two is still too early and too much to ask. To wait, then, is to practice. Sometimes I wonder: why must we get hurt in order to heal?

“You have to wise up – find the trick.”

Is the trick:
Like coffee as an acquired taste; what I need, you may detest.
I can smell a hint of baileys in my vanilla ice cream. You frown at the bitterness. I laugh.
I used to find it bitter, too.

Rumi: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

I used to think that’s a sign from the universe for me. But, maybe, it was also a sign from myself – a long time ago.
So, is this the trick?