LIGHT Long Matches Box

Interacting with the world gently.

LIGHT matches1


The slender beams of sunlight fall on the white wall and fade when meeting the ground. Inside of the moving train, I can feel the sun seeping in through the window behind my back, scattering on the bench and the floor until it reaches my feet. Walking on the escalator, the light abruptly lands on the step ahead of me and gently moves upward. It seems like we are unconsciously following the trails of light that leads us forward. The light has dispersed on a few escalator steps without any gap. Light merely changes its form when landing on different types of surfaces but it never disappears.

LIGHT matches2

Wallis終於用了「LIGHT」作為A Beautiful Store自家生產線的名字,這盒長火柴是第一個產品,剛好趕得及在搬店後的一周年誕生。一直以來,蠟燭、光、香味,也是她家裡的日常。「所以其實想做很久了……長火柴多年來只在國外買到,但點蠟燭就是要用長火柴啊!尤其是蠟燭用到快見底的時候。」

LIGHT is the name Wallis gave to the home brand of A Beautiful Store. The first product of the brand, a box of extra long matches, was introduced to the market right at the one year anniversary of the shop’s relocation. Candles, light, and fragrance have always been an integral part of Wallis’ home, she said, “I’ve been thinking about making this for a while. Extra long matches can be bought only when I’m abroad, but they are best for lighting up candles! They are particularly useful when the candle is almost reaching its bottom.”

LIGHT matches3


「一直對光很有感覺,那麼輕柔卻很有力量,如果可以像光一樣,也就能柔軟面對世界了。就好像李小龍說的『Be water』吧。」充滿變化,隨屈就伸,卻從不屈服。

Strike the match against the matchbox, the air will be filled by a mild scent of sandalwood, a fragrance that was manually sprayed onto over a hundred thousand pieces of matches. “I made them this way as I prefer to have a little bit of fragrance.” One would keep on exploring and experimenting until the expedition and all the beautiful images that are seen along the way become a secret blueprint that sits in their mind. No matter how fast time moves, the blueprint will be given all the time to be refined.

“I always have a strong feeling towards light. It is so gentle yet powerful. If I can be like light, then I would have the ability to interact with the world gently. This is perhaps similar to what Bruce Lee said about ‘be water’.” All we need is to be formless and adaptive, and yet never conform.

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