An apple in the mountains

mikikurota Fruits Sack

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關於這顆水果袋的誕生,設計師的答案非常率性:「某日在山上聚會,友人遞上一顆蘋果。在山中啜飲清酒並嘗到蘋果的美味,是非常奢侈的事!那是山下無法感受到的暢快。」心就這樣一下被擦亮 —— 不如來做個東西,讓大家也感受這種感動吧!


When talking about the birth of this fruit sack, the designer simply shared a rather cute story, saying, “There was this day when we were gathering in the mountains, my friend brought out an apple. It was such a luxury to enjoy the refreshing sake and some tasty apples in the mountains! This is a pleasure you can never experience outside of the mountains.” This feeling became an inspiration for the designer to create a product that can let more people share this beautiful joy.

The vibe of nature is an integral part of this experience. The energy one feels in the woods while admiring the breathtaking landscape is a unique moment impossible to be found in the city. This product can be seen as a hybrid of practicality and humor.

這個設計來自mikikurota建築設計事務所,由三木真平與黒田美知子在2015年創立,兩人熱愛遠足,當時日本正興起超輕量登山熱潮,他們就在那時開始製作山道具,如露營帳幕與小物袋。使用Dyneema Composite Fabrics,一種近年常見於登山用品,極輕卻具有極高抗撕裂性、且防水的布料,其輕巧程度能直接在水上飄浮。


This product is designed by mikikurota architecture firm, which was founded in 2015 by Shinpei Miki and Michiko Kurota who are both hiking fans. 2015 was the time when lightweight hiking gear gained popularity in Japan, so the two began to design and produce mountain gear, including tents and pouches. Their fruit sacks are made of Dyneema® Composite Fabric, a super lightweight yet tear resistant and waterproof material that is used in many mountain gears in recent years. The fabric is so light that it can actually float on water.

The sack is available in five varieties based on the size of mandarin, apple, sweet melon, yellow watermelon, and watermelon. Apart from carrying fruits, the sack can also be used for carrying basically anything including water. On top of the five different sizes, people can also choose from three thickness — the thicker it is, the higher the tear strength — for carrying items of various weight. Although it was designed for the mountains, looking at its adorable design, you might even want to use it every day in the city!