Moment Fragrance Diffuser

Using paper as the agent for diffusing.

香薰商品,彷彿是生活品牌圈的修羅場。這家品牌強調自家香氣之獨特,那家品牌申報自家原料的天然成份,但無論如何,通常都側重於配方與氣味,至於作為載體的香薰座,設計卻總是來得相差無幾。最近,看到這個由Milk Design製作給Feel Good Home的「Moment」香薰座,其簡約小巧的造型相當討喜,然而商品最特別的地方,還是它使用吸水紙製作香座,在散發香氣的原理上盡顯巧思。


Within lifestyle brand circles, fragrance products are like the battlefield. Some brands emphasize how special and unique their fragrances are, while some others highlight the natural ingredients in their own formula. In any case, they generally attach more importance to their formula and fragrances. As for the diffuser itself, there are hardly any differences among designs from different brands. Recently, I have stumbled upon this “Moment” fragrance diffuser, which Milk Design designs for Feel Good Home. Being both simple and compact, its design is very likeable and what is the most special about it is its use of absorbent paper to make the diffuser, perfectly showcasing their clever thoughts with regard to the principle of fragrance diffusion.

Moment fragrance diffuser can be divided into three structural parts, including the black glass bottle, which contains the fragrance; the white ceramic holder on top of it; as well as the paper diffuser made with absorbent paper which is placed inside the holder. The working principle of Moment fragrance diffuser is to soak up fragrance inside the glass bottle through the paper diffuser; Thanks to designers’ effort to fold the paper diffuser into 3D shapes, which increases the surface area for easier diffusion of aroma while keeping the product tiny, it is a set of fragrance products best suited to small space.