Not Only Perfect For Outdoor Use

Cutlery Set By Swiss Advance


Swiss Advance 的便攜式可伸縮餐具代表的正好相反。Swiss Advance 這品牌由 Peter Meyer 創立,他希望透過不同產品,令更多人欣賞大自然的美;這解釋了 Swiss Advance 的產品方向 ── 注重可持續性、設計簡約,而且適合戶外用。而作為瑞士 Zero Waste 1% For The Planet 的成員之一,他們在製作過程裏的每個步驟都非常謹慎,盡力在每一個細節減少塑膠廢物。





Do you have some environmentalist friends who always bring their own shopping bags, reusable bottles, and even reusable straws with them? It is very inspiring to see how they turn their belief into actions, not to mention their persistence to live up to their values. This, however, has raised an interesting question — why do we tend to associate eco-friendliness and sustainability with inconvenience? 

The portable and retractable cutlery set produced by Swiss Advance has provided a solution to the inconvenience of being nature-loving. Founded by Peter Meyer, Swiss Advance is a brand that aims at bringing people closer to nature through a variety of products. Their products are designed based on sustainability, minimal design, and suitable for outdoor use. The brand is a member of Zero Waste Switzerland and 1% for the Planet, Swiss Advance strives for reducing plastic waste in every step of their manufacturing process.

The cutlery set is small in size and features a clean design. The most distinctive design on the fork and knife is the little white dot that allows you to slide open or retract the cutlery. Retract them after using, and your luggage can stay clean. You can wash them thoroughly once you are home. The fork weighs 12 gram, and the knife weighs 14 gram, the lightweight simply leaves you with no excuse not to bring them along.

Retractable design can often be seen in stationery like box cutters and eraser pens. Applying a similar design to cutlery has given it a fresh new look. It is always delightful to see how a small change in design can bring a big change to our everyday habit.