On The Scent Of Life

Ceramic Scented Decorative Pencils by Buly 1803


還記得之前找到了観月の香皿(老店薰玉堂出品)時滿心歡喜,看著線香的灰燼灑到金色的月光旁,畫面柔美。但更多的時候,所擁有的空間不太容許一個香皿存在(無論它有多美),於是找來了 Buly 1803 的擴香陶瓷筆,為香氣增添一份神秘感。

陶瓷筆的那種白天生帶著一點古雅,低調而純樸。只需要把筆尖浸泡在精華裡,然後讓筆尖向上,把它放進筆筒中,就輕易地把空間都釀滿了香氣。在多種香氣中,日本檜木炭(Sumi Hinoki)裡的煙燻味在最近忽冷忽熱、還帶點細雨的天氣注入了溫度,能稍微舒緩鬱悶的心情。

除了擴香陶瓷筆,最近推出的 Baume des Muses 同樣貫徹了品牌簡約復古的風格。Baume des Muses 是純素配方的護唇軟膏,放置在內附鏡子的小飾盒內;還可以把它個人化,選擇喜歡的革紋紙及在盒面壓印字母。如果你執著的是軟膏那高效保濕和抗氧化的特點,大可以把盒面留白,看上去或者更顯俐落。

想起跟創辦人之一的 Victoire de Taillac 聊天時,她說過重視的不僅是希望產品在古代與現代元素之間取得平衡,而是在所有事情中取得平衡。其實,他們家的東西早就比取得平衡走得更遠了吧。

I can still remember how excited I was when I first came across the Kangetsu incense holder produced by Kungyokudo; it’s so satisfying to watch how ashes from the smoldering incense fall around the golden moon-shaped holder. Despite my immense fondness of it, my flat is just too small for this incense holder. Considering the limited space I have, the Buly 1803 Scented Decorative Pencils seem to be a better alternative. 

With a natural white color that exudes elegance, the ceramic Scented Decorative Pencils feature a design that is subtle yet magical. First, soak the tip of the pencil into a vial of perfume concentrate, then leave the pencil in a pen holder with its tip facing up. The perfume would then slowly diffuse into the air. Among many different scents that the brand offers, the smokey fragrance of Sumi Hinoki seems to be the best companion for the early spring weather. It does not only make the fluctuating temperature and rainy days more bearable but also cheers up our frustrated mood.

Baume des Muses is another product that Buly 1803 recently launched. This lip care product with a retro design is produced with vegan ingredients. The lip balm container comes with a mirror inside. While on the outside, you can even request to have initials embossed on the vegetable leather to make it a personalized gift. If all you care about is only the hydrating and antioxidant quality of the lip balm, it is also an option to leave the container in plain white to keep its sleek design.

When talking to one of the brand’s founders Victoire de Taillac, she said she endeavored to maintain a balance between vintage and modern elements, but found striking a balance among everything equally important. To me, Buly 1803 has succeeded in doing so and has surely grown beyond that.