Over and Over

Creativity Training


這類簡單的玩具似乎越來越罕見了,但日本專門研發物料的Feel Good Creation,早前與塑膠家廠室島精工合作,推出了名為「OVOV」的平面積木具。OVOV這名字靈感取自「Over and Over」一辭,象徵這玩具能不斷地連結。 用半透明塑膠造成的OVOV,多色混合的包裝,共有56塊,若想多添某種顏色,則可以獨立購買,每包共30塊。每塊膠片均由四個三角形拼成,上面設有若彼此緊扣的裝置,兩片積木緊貼著相連時,交匯處就會交疊出別種顏色,造成無論外形或顏色都變化多端的雕塑。


One of my favorite childhood toys was a set of colorful plastic building blocks that can be stacked up by attaching them together by fitting into the holes of other pieces. My brother was very creative, he could build dinosaurs and trucks with containers that could be opened. Looking back, it was in fact a great exercise for color coordination, as well as bringing abstract ideas into concrete expression and ultimately putting the blocks into an organized structure. It requires a comprehensive coordination between the mind and the fingers. Simple toys are always better — without many guidelines, creativity can be unleashed without too many restrictions.

Going against the losing popularity of simple toys, Feel Good Creation, the Japanese material innovation company collaborated with the plastic manufacturer Muroshima Seiko to produce the puzzle-like toy OVOV. The name came from the idea of “over and over”, meaning how the toy can be attached together without a limit. OVOV is a box of 56 pieces of translucent plastic pieces of various colors. Additional colors are available by purchasing an extra 30-piece pack. Every plastic piece consists of four triangles that can be readily clipped with another piece. Attaching two pieces of puzzles together, the connected part will overlap and form another color. The pieces can be put together to form technically countless number of shapes with different color combinations.

A demo video can be found on the OVOV website. People who like making simple handicraft would surely be interested.