People We Meet Along The Way




MIDWAY  深水埗基隆街132B號地下

“Human” has always been a recurring theme in Chinese paintings; even the landscape and animals in the paintings are in fact metaphors of human emotion or humanities. A closer appreciation would reveal the connection between people in the drawing and people we encounter in real life — they are the most interesting and vital elements in the scenery. What would we see if we carry them in our everyday life?

The local illustrator/ceramic artist Fungtaitau turned common people into ceramic brooches. Her collection includes primary school student crossing the road, staff in a flower shop, trekker and pedestrian taking a rest at the corner of a street. The simple design and unpretentious faces of these people are so soothing to look at. In the usual busy days, these people who are often overlooked can perhaps make our ordinary days more beautiful. Passerby is trivial but essential. Why not put them on your clothes and become an ordinary scenery of another passerby?

MIDWAY  G/F, 132B Keelung Street, Sham Shui Po