Reimagining Retro Gaming



作為一家規模不大,同時產業比較偏鋒的公司,Analogue卻先後被《The Guardian》、《Forbes》和《WIRED》等大媒體的關注和報道,理由離不開是他們是第一家能夠把遊戲機提升為奢侈精品的公司。就以「Pocket」這台向任天堂Gameboy致敬的手提遊戲機為例,雖然還是以塑膠為主要物料,但是其光滑的塗層,加上只有黑白兩色的極簡潔造型,為遊戲機帶來了長足的提升。而除卻外觀方面的改造,就連往日Gameboy為人詬病的畫面質素,以及其他零件也同樣得到升級,是從內到外都令人折服的裝置,捧在手上時既滿足了童年回憶,同時精緻的機身造型也不輸任何當代的時尚電子產品。

People often think of video games as something childish that can hardly be associated with exquisite living — let alone being an eagerly coveted subject of the serious collectors, they can’t even stir up the interest of those from the cultural scene. However, thanks to the revival of retro tech, the items that were once so close to obsolescence, such as vinyl records, cassette tapes, old Apple computers, and iPods, are now back on the market; and riding on old tech’s new wave, video games have also made a stunning comeback. Over the past few years, they have brought together numerous new and old players, forming various types of gaming communities and niche interest groups, and what’s more, they managed to catch the attention of collectors, which subsequently led to the revival of retro gaming. Analogue from Seattle, US is among one of the big names in the retro video game industry that produces game consoles and third-party accessories.

Running at a relatively small scale in the retro sphere, Analogue is a pioneer in reimagining retro gaming into aesthetic wonder and has garnered rave reviews from major media outlets such as The Guardian, Forbes, and WIRED. The Analogue Pocket, a sleek modern handheld gaming console, is a tribute to Nintendo‘s Game Boy with modern day tech and refreshing minimalist visuals that come in the color of black or white. Unlike its forefathers, the Analogue Pocket has a high definition display and some enticing new technical specifications and features that greatly enhance the console performance and gaming experience; from inside and out, the Analogue Pocket has a contemporary design that allows nostalgic gamers to relive their childhood gaming memories.

除了Gameboy,在遊戲迷心目中具備神聖地位的「Mega Drive」,自然也是Analogue想要致敬的對象。這台「Mega Sg」在機能和技術上的提升先別過不提,但是在造型上Analogue既保留了「Mega Drive」笨重的舊時代造型,卻在許多的細節方面,像是機身和手把的圖形都作出了簡約化處理,使遊戲迷能一眼認出致敬的機型,同時又能安心把它置在客廳當眼處,不會與旁邊的傢俱顯得違和,甚至說它能提升居家格調也不為過。而Analogue的出品雖然取代不了原裝機款的收藏價值,然而如果是一個老遊戲迷,除了官方的歷史藏品,應該也會對這一類重構經典的新作感到興趣。

Besides Gameboy, Analogue also pays homage to the much-respected Mega Drive by having created Mega Sg. Retaining the bulky exterior of Mega Drive, the Mega Sg is equipped with advanced technology and high-end technical specifications. It also has a slick and straightforward design that features simplified graphics on both the unit itself and controller. In addition to its impressive functionality, the Mega Sg, which offers the most convincing mimic of Sega’s old hardware, would be a nice addition to your home. Retro video game consoles bear a distinct value as collectibles, but for the retro game enthusiasts, the Analogue consoles could well be a pleasant addition to their already-impressive collection.