Scribbles Into Stuffed Toys

白石哲一某天到訪友人家,看到牆上掛著一幅有趣的刺繡,一問之下,才知道是友人的小孩的自畫像,婆婆看過後,將它做成精細的刺繡了。刺繡畫傳達出來的溫暖直達白石哲一的內心,另一方面,他又想,若是成品是小孩可以抱的、可以玩的,就更好了。回家後,他忽發奇想,想將自己女兒繪畫的畫作,造成布偶,上網搜尋可以幫忙的公司,卻一無所獲。近期流行的3D Priting似乎也是可行的選擇,然而製作品只能眼看,不能讓女兒抱著入睡。既然無人能伸手協助,不如就自己動手做吧!

白石哲一動手做的,不是女兒的布偶,而是成立了Esora Works,一家專門替人,把小孩的塗鴉化為布偶的公司。小孩子有著無盡的想像力,用色大膽,線條亂舞,Escora Works極力保持著孩子們畫作的特色,以不同材質的布料將之表現出來。


Norikazu Shiraishi was visiting a friend when he spotted an intriguing embroidery hanging on the wall. Upon query, it turned out the work actually originated from a self-portrait of his friend’s child. The grandmother simply took a good look at the portrait, before turning it into a delicate embroidery. The warmth exuded by the embroidery resonates with Norikazu. In the meantime, he fantasized how great that would be to create items that children can hug and play with. After returning home, a wild idea suddenly crossed his mind. He wanted to turn his daughter’s drawings into stuffed dolls. The initial online search for supporting companies was in vain. The trending 3D printing technology seems viable but then the product would be far from cuddly toys that his daughter can hug into sleep. Norikazu thought, if no immediate help is available, then why not do it himself?

What Norikazu Shiraishi started working on was not his daughter’s dolls, but founding Esora Works instead. It is a company specializes in transforming children’s doodles into custom stuffed toys. Children’s imagination is boundless, their bold use of colours and shapes is inexhaustible. Esora Works aspires to retain the original flavour of the children’s drawings, and represent it by using various textures from different fabrics.

“The stuffed toy becomes a medium that gives shape to the unique designs conjured up by the children. In the process the children interact with their fluffy friends, they can genuinely experience how imagination can be realized. We believe our service can stimulate children’s imagination and open a new world of possibilities,” said Norikazu Shiraishi.