Living a slow and eco-conscious life




Slow living and eco-consciousness are closely intertwined. Being eco-conscious but not living slow could make your life a bit off-putting. Living slow without being eco-conscious would also make your life irrelevant to reality. That said, slow living and eco-consciousness are inseparable. To live a life that is both slow and eco-conscious is a way to pay back to mother nature while at the same time nourish your soul.


Slowood是來自香港的慢活品牌,主張可持續性的消費態度,除了從國外張羅各式慢活商品,品牌也會就著不同的生活情景,推出符合城市生活型態的商品。在林林總總的品項中,我最欣賞的其中幾個商品,首先是「Reusable Dehumidification & Deodorization Egg」,設計成超市貨架上會販售的蛋盒形狀,打開後不是雞蛋,而是四隻蛋形的矽藻土;矽藻土是一種無毒天然的矽質岩,能有效除濕除臭,適合潮濕的居家環境。四隻都用完後,蛋盒還能留著裝真正的雞蛋,不會浪費。再來是這個稍不起眼的「Portable Stainless Steel Cutlery Set」,全不鏽鋼材質的餐具,食用上安心之餘,設計上叉子和湯匙都採用伸縮式設計,適合平日會自帶餐具的族群,而且還包含餐具組常常缺失的筷子,是真正有考慮到東方人飲食習慣的商品。

Slowood is a sustainable lifestyle store in Hong Kong that is devoted to spreading the gospel of slow living. The store carries a variety of products that are handpicked from overseas, and would occasionally feature selected items that go along with the urban lifestyle. Among the wide array of products, there are a few items that caught my attention. For example, the “Reusable Dehumidification & Deodorization Egg” is a diatomaceous earth drying egg that comes in a package that looks exactly like an egg carton. Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic natural siliceous sedimentary rock which is known for its natural properties in combating moisture and odors in the air. Each egg carton contains four diatomaceous earth eggs. The carton itself is reusable and can be used to hold small items and even real eggs! The “Portable Stainless Steel Cutlery Set” is another product that caught my attention. The set contains a fork, a spoon, and chopsticks that might not look remarkable but are definitely safe for use. The spoon and fork are both expendable which is convenient, and the inclusion of the chopsticks in the set is an obvious sign that the Asian eating habit has been taken into consideration when designing the product.


輪到最喜歡的就是這個「Reusable Sanitary」,純棉製作的可再用衛生棉,沒有經過任何漂染工序的原色,讓材質親膚不敏感,可以安心用於私密部位。而且雖然是棉製的,但仍保有三層式結構,上層是柔軟的針織棉布,中層是雙層的竹紗織物,吸水性強之餘也能提高抗菌性。但因為是純棉再用材質,就必須要放棄方便性,勤洗保持乾淨,而雖然剛開始會覺得很麻煩,但就是麻煩仍能把自己照顧得妥妥貼貼,這才是慢活生活的真諦。

My favorite merchandise from Slowood goes to the “Reusable Sanitary”. It is a reusable sanitary pad made of pure cotton with zero bleaching or dyeing. The comfortable and soft texture of cotton makes it perfect for the most sensitive lady parts. The pad is highly absorbent for it has a three-layer structure —  an upper layer made of soft knitted cotton and a middle layer made of bamboo double gauze. The high absorbency of the pad means that it can keep your private part dry and prevent bacteria from growing. With its reusable nature, the pad needs to be washed frequently. Though it might take some extra time and effort at the beginning, you will eventually get used to it and life would be much easier. After all, it is what living slow is all about.