Stationary Produced by Printing Companies





The promotional video by Inkaren would surely strike a chord with book lovers. In the clip, there are scenes of workers carefully applying glue to the book’s spine, fixing the card position with pins, printing the brand logo with letterpress printing, etc. All these procedural steps of producing a book that are usually overlooked have been so concretely recorded by this video.

Inkaren is an association of six paper product companies that specialize in different fields including bookbinding, folding, stitching, die cutting, hot stamping and letterpress printing. Together, they collectively contribute their extraordinary techniques to the brand Inkaren. The promotional video is a documentation of the companies producing paper products under the name of Inkaren.

Inkaren currently has a rather limited catalog that features merely five products, namely the adhesive notepad, the envelope with a red foil stamp, the spiral-bound notebook, the silver foil stamped letter-sized paper, and the paper clip with the Inkaren logo that is made by letterpress printing on card stock. Design of these products is simple, but with the outstanding technique of the six companies, the impressive texture and quality can easily be observed from the five items. Fans of paper products and printing technique would be tempted to own all of them.