The farmer’s bag





SUOLO is a Nagoya brand that specializes in bags made of canvas and leather. The brand is named after the Italian word for soil. Seeing this name, it is not difficult to connect the brand with farming. Whereas it is common to see fashion brands specialize in wearable military items and workwear, farmwear has yet made it to the fashion world.

SUOLO describes itself as a brand that was born on a 3500 square feet farmland. Reading the product description on the brand’s website, it is easy to see how the brand took inspiration from the work of farmers to design their bags. The most iconic product of SUOLO can easily be their CROP shoulder bag series.


The design of the CROP shoulder bag is inspired by the vintage fruit picking bag used by American farmers in the middle of the twentieth century. The bag is mostly made of canvas, apart from the shoulder strap and the handle that are both made of leather. The leather handle also offers an additional function of adjusting the size and the shape of the bag to avoid things from dropping off the bag when the users bend their bodies. A similar design has been applied to their NAPPASAC bucket backpack.


Another distinctive feature of SUOLO is the waxed canvas that is used for all their products. Their waxed canvas is created by the appliance of paraffin-based wax, making their bags waterproof and hence suitable for all kinds of weather. Most of the SUOLO bags are designed with a small inner compartment to further protect the content from getting wet by rain. The bags made by this Japanese brand are perfect companions for working in farms, or simply wandering in the city.