The marshmallow wagashi

Black and white, the beautiful sweetness





Marshmallow with different fillings can hardly surprise anyone nowadays, but back in 1887, people from Okayama were naturally amazed when this type of sweet was first introduced to their prefecture.

Back in the days when Shimoyama Jishiro invented this candy, it was called Tsurunotamako. One day when wandering in Kōraku-en, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Jishiro was attracted by the graceful gesture of the white cranes swimming in the pond. The cranes’ fluffy feather reminded him of marshmallow, which was recently brought to Japan from overseas. A sudden thought came to his mind — he had an idea of filling marshmallow with custard to turn it into a fusion wagashi. People in his time saw it an exceptionally elegant and stylish dessert.

Tsurunotamako Honpu, a Tsurunotamako shop founded by Shimoyama Jishiro more than a hundred years ago has come to the fourth generation. It has not ceased from bringing new flavors to customers. The shop’s most recent invention was sesame stuffed marshmallow. From the very beginning of business, Tsurunotamako Honpu has been using all natural ingredients and has never relied on machines for any of the processes. The origin of ingredients is always made transparent — the eggs are from Hiroshima, the sesame is from Fukuoka.

This series of Tsurunotamako is branded under the name Tsurutama, which uses black and white for wrapping paper and packaging. The simplistic and appealing design is obviously a perfect match to the Tsurunotamako itself.